May the Fourth Be With You – A Star Wars Christmas Tree

Any self respecting Star Wars mega fan knows that May the 4th is also known as Star Wars day.  That being said, it only seemed logical for me to decorate a Star Wars Christmas Tree complete with DIY Star Wars Ornaments.  Also, while I was at it I thought what the heck let’s go ahead and throw in a Darth Vader Wreath for good measure.

White Christmas tree decorated for Star Wars

Please note that I originally decorated this tree for Treetopia.  I am their brand ambassador, however all opinions are my own.  Also, there are affiliate links in this post.  Clicking through those links helps support this blog and also helps you find Star Wars socks.  Win-win.

Black Darth Vader Wreath and white star wars tree

A Tree For All Seasons Including May the Forth Be With You Day

Got a Star Wars fan at home?  Trust me, they are going to love having their own tree complete with DIY Star Wars ornaments in their room.  Go ahead and really make their day by adding a Storm Trooper and Darth Vader Wreath because why not.

Think a Star Wars Christmas tree is the most obscure one I’ve ever decorated?  Think again.  Check out a few of my favorite off the wall holiday trees.

Supplies for DIY pool noodle ornaments

If your going to decorate a Star Wars Christmas Tree then clearly you are going to need to make custom ornaments because DUH.

Supplies for Making DIY Star Wars Ornaments

I used ankle socks because I really liked the design and color but if you go with knee high socks you could get away with two ornaments per sock.

Pool noodles cut with knife

Cut Your Pool Noodles

I gotta tell ya this hand saw from Fiskars is one of the handiest things I own.  Cuts everything, including cheap foam pool noodles.  In a pinch you could use any serrated edge knife.  Make the noodles about 6″s long.

Put the pool noodle into a Star Wars sock

Bust Out the Star Wars Socks

Insert the cut pool noodle segments into your ankle socks.  The sock should fit snugly.  Any excess material can be cut off or inserted into the center of the pool noodle and glued down with hot glue.

Be sure to check out these Jumbo DIY Halloween Candies I made with pool noodles!

Sock covered pool noodles getting ready for pompoms

Put a Pompom On Your Star Wars Ornament

You know what I always say, everything is better with a pompom including DIY pool noodle ornaments for your May the Fourth Star Wars Tree.  I said EVERYTHING and I meant EVERYTHING.  On each end of the sock covered noodle hot glue a pompom on.

How to make DIY Stars Ornaments from Pool Noodles by Jennifer Perkins

Oh Hello There Adorable Star Wars Tree

I may not be a mega fan of the actual Star Wars movies but I’m a mega fan of this Star Wars Christmas Tree.  Those adorable DIY sock ornaments are perfection!  The wonders of pool noodles never cease!

Oh and want to know about the small pompom ornaments?  I attached these Star Wars shoe charms to pompoms with hot glue and added a bit of bakers twine as a hanger.

Darth Vader Wreath and Star Wars Tree

Good Vs. Evil Star Wars Decorations

If you are going to put a Star Wars tree up in your kids bedroom why not go the full distance and add a matching wreath.  I do love a good theme like good vs. evil when it comes to obscure holiday decor.

Black May the 4th wreath with Darth Vader and Storm Troopers

Darth Vader Wreath with Storm Troopers

Can you tell I like a little cute with my Star Wars?  These Funko Star Wars Storm Trooper Lights were perfect!  Menacing yet cute all at once.  The centerpiece of this black wreath is the Darth Vader mask.  Best part, the kids can wear the mask around and hang the lights after May the 4th!

Star Wars Tree by Jennifer Perkins with DIY Pool Noodle Ornaments

How would you decorate your Star Wars tree?  Are you all Ewok all the time?  More of a Jaba the Hut fan?  Talk tree to me.

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