St. Patrick’s Day Glittered Ombre Mug

Just when you thought mason jars could not get any cuter along comes this St. Patrick’s Day mug with ombre glitter!  Even a kale smoothie is adorable and tastier in this mug.  Graduated shades of green and gold glitter are easier to create and apply than you might realize and they sure do make


Shamrock Shake Anyone?

Maybe a shamrock shake is more your poison or a pint of Guinness – once you learn this ombre glitter technique it won’t matter what you drink or what the holiday.  Even if you just use this sparkletastic mug to hold pencils it is worth it!



Supplies for making a glittered ombre mug

Supplies to Make Ombre Glitter

  • Glitter in several shades
  • Craft Glue
  • Glass Mug
  • Top Coat
  • Faux Coin
  • Bakers Twine

cupcake liners and glitter

Mix it Up

Using some sort of disposable container mix glitter.  Cupcake liners work great.

Custom mixed ombre glitter

Green to Gold Ombre Glitter

Mix glitter in a gradient pattern to go from gold to green.  Add a bit of green to gold, then the next color less gold and more green until you get all the way green and no gold glitter.

Adding a layer of glitter onto a mug

Glue on the Glitter

One layer at time add craft clue to the mug.  Starting at one end of the color spectrum or the other (light or dark) add glitter and shake off excess.

Green mug covered in ombre glitter

Seal the Deal

Continue with the next shades of ombre glitter in the same way, overlapping colors slightly.  Once the glue has dried use a sealant to make sure glitter stays in place.

Gold coin and twine

Bling It Out

Fun additions like faux gold coins and bakers twine make the mug. 

P.S. Use the extra faux coins to decorate a Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Wreath.

Now nobody is saying that this mug is dishwasher safe, but with enough sealant a light hand washing should be fine. Like I said use it to hold pens or pencils instead and never have to worry about it getting wet!

Either way this glitter ombre mug in shades of green and gold is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day craft project!



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