The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book – Jennifer Perkins Art Sunglasses Case

The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book: 34 DIYs To Make The Most of Your Fabric Stash had me at quick.  I admit the word ‘sew’ sends shivers down my spine but when I peaked inside Anda Corrie’s new book I was pleasantly surprised to find several projects that even this self proclaimed non sewing fan could conquer.  Just because I don’t enjoy sewing does not mean I don’t have a massive fabric stash to bust through. 


The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book

When Spoonflower asked me to be a part of the book launch I was super pumped to finally play around with turning Jennifer Perkins Art into Fabric (keep an eye out for wall paper, wrapping paper and more coming soon).  The Two-Swatch Sunglasses Case project from The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book was perfect to test out my first adventure into creating a fabric line.

The instructions and pictures make everything easy to follow.  Remember these are quick-sew ideas so nothing inside the book is overly complicated.  Anda Corrie has curated some adorable projects ranging from home decor to baby bibs all using fabric available from Spoonflower.

Sunglass case with pompom fringe and custom Spoonflower fabric

Two Swatch Sunglasses Case

Yup, all you need fabric wise for this project are swatches.  Easy right?  I thought so.  Just add zippers and obnoxious pompom fringe.  Yup, even sunglass cases are better with pompom fringe.  Duh.  

You can order just a swatch from Spoonflower of any fabric in several different weights.  The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book has an entire chapter dedicated to swatch projects.  Try your hand at not just a sunglass case but also bean bags, a tiny circle purse, coasters and more.

I can’t decide if I like the case with the Eye See You Fabric or the Weirdo Dance Party better?  Luckily I have a LOT of sunglasses in my life so I can never have too many cases.

Even More DIY Ideas for Glasses

  • Crafty Shades – Sometimes the future is so bright you gotta wear DIY crafty shades.  How perfect would these look in your DIY sunglasses case!
  • Felt Sunglasses Case – No sewing, just gluing – my favorite kind of craft.
  • Specs Appeal – No case necessary for this cutie because you break your glasses and wear them!

DIY sunglasses case with eyeball fabric

But Wait!  There are No-Sew and Low-Sew Projects Too!

Not just sunglass cases there are even NO SEW projects, or low sew at least inside the book.  My very favorite kind of project.  Covered button ideas, iron-on patches, jersey fabric yarn and pincushions.  So even if you have never threaded a needle there are projects for you inside of The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book.  The book has patterns, spotlights several different Spoonflower designers and TONS of gorgeous fabric options.  

Speaking of, check out these ideas…

Two sunglasses cases with pompom fringe

Now You Try!

Wanna try your hand at some of the projects in The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book?  I’ve got a coupon code to share with you!  Use the code QuickSewJen10 for 10% off fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap.  You don’t even have to use it on my Spoonflower fabric designs, but it would be extra cool if you did then sent me a picture of the project!  The offer is good through December 31, 2018!

Also, be sure to follow Jennifer Perkins Art on Etsy and Instagram for more weird pattern fun!

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  1. Christine

    Those are so flipping cute! I love them and how great is it that you could reach into your purse and know exactly where your glass case is because you trimmed it or its fabric and your other cases are a different material.


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