Spooky Halloween Trees – Tinsel Trees Are No Longer Just For Christmas

Halloween Tree Silver

Last Christmas I had over 8o trees up around my house.  Recently I have decided to start spreading the tree love with Halloween.  Tinsel should not be isolated to one holiday alone.  I even bust them out for Valentines Day.  Here is a glimpse at all the different ways I have decorated my Halloween trees through the years.

Halloween Tree Silver Living Room

2 Houses, 6 parties and 2 paint jobs – my small selection of black, orange and silver trees have been set up several different ways.  Dear Treetopia, if you are listening I’d invite you to my annual Halloween party for some “big” Halloween trees.  That candy corn tree would look amazing in this year’s photo booth.  I’m just sayin’.

Halloween Black Tree Halloween Tree black Kitchen

Little trees or big trees, really I love them all.  Some of mine are even lit.  One day I will have my Halloween party at night so their true glory can be revealed.

halloween mantle 10383592404_fe62190417_o

Last year’s Halloween mantle had not one, but two Halloween trees on display.  Plus a black wreath.  Again, bringing the Christmas decor to Halloween.  I loved the stark contrast.  Wondering how I am going to top that set up this year.

Halloween Tree hot Pink1 DSC_0060

Hot pink is a Halloween color right?  It is if you are me.  I miss this groovy fabric I decorated with one year, sold it on Etsy.  What was I thinking?  Anyway the combination of hot pink, lime green, black, white and orange is my fave.  They also matched one of my all time prized Halloween collectibles, those vintage game cards.

IMG_5092 IMG_5101

Remember that time I made my own spooky tree out of a branch I found?  You can make your own too.  Really easy.  I’ll even show you how to make a commemorative Halloween ornament.  Check it out, Terrifying Halloween Topiary.

Halloween Tree Black1

You can never have too many tiny black Halloween trees.  Never.  They are so versatile and will go with anything, anywhere.

halloween tree orange and black

Last, but not least, I leave you with a little nook in my house that displays Christmas Trees all year long.  Sometimes for Halloween, sometimes for Easter and even sometimes for Christmas.

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  1. Allison

    My son requested a Christmas-Halloween party for his 5th birthday this year. “Mommy, you already have all the decorations,” he said. So we put up the tree – lights and all, then added fake webs stretching from it to the mantel and threw on a bunch of our spooky spiders. His birthday presents went under the tree of course. It was wonderful! I need to take your lead and set up a little tinsel tree for him to decorate all year ’round. Thanks for the inspiration!


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