Soapylove Halloween Soap Adventures

There it was clear as day on pg. 16 of Debbie Chilatas’ book Soapylove: Squeaky Clean Projects Using Melt and Pour Soap, but I didn’t listen. Clearly stated under the section on molds it says “Glass and metal are not good choices”. Did I listen, noooo of course not. I didn’t break the soap making rules because I am some sort of rogue crafter I did it because I had done it before and it worked. Done what you ask? Use a Teflon coated cookie/muffin tin as a soap mold. In my defense it mostly worked, but there are still a few bars of yummy smelling soap forever lodged into their Halloween themed homes.

It all started when I got a copy of Soapylove to review. I knew it was going to be good because I had worked with Debbie on an episode of Craft Lab and really what is not to love about soap that looks good enough to eat like Soapsicles, Cameo Bars and Jelly Donut Soaps. The colorful book is a reminder that soap does not have to come only in boring white bar form. I had gone through a small soap making phase years back and flipping through Soapylove I was inspired all over again. The colors, the creativity, the easy to follow instructions I could not wait!

As if my soap making urges were not strong enough another package arrives from yet another Craft Lab guest Soap Queen herself Anne-Marie Faiola and her soap making one stop shop Bramble Berry. Apparently Debbie and Anne Marie have joined forces and there is an entire Soapylove line at Bramble Berry. The package looked and smelled heavenly. First there was a package of Naturally Clear Melt & Pour Soap. I had no idea that you could literally melt this soap in your microwave in a glass, pour the soap into a mold, let harden, wash glass and presto soap is born. Who wants clear or white soap when you could have Ruby Red, Fiery Fuchsia, Turquoise Blue or Sunshine Yellow – the options in the Soapy Love Jewelry Box Colorant Set. You know I loved that name and the cute little medicine dropper packaging. Then there was that amazing smell, I wanted to sit and huff the box that everything came in. You can choose between Delectable Desserts or Candy Jar Fragrance Sets. Luckily they sent me both to play with since I could have never decided. So with a copy of Soapylove, a box full of delectable soap making supplies and a Halloween party on the horizon I embarked on my soap making journey.

As mentioned I had made soap once before using a muffin tin as a mold and I swear it worked, this time I did not have the same kind of luck. I should have listened to Debbie and stuck with flexible plastic molds. Even an overnight stay in the freezer and a hot water bath did not help un-stick the last few hold outs. Luckily for the guests at my party a few Halloween soaps pulled through. Cutting up the Soapylove Naturally Clear Soap was super easy and I just used a kitchen knife. I would nuke about 3 cubes at a time and then add colorant and scent to the liquid soap and pour into the mold. Did I mention the Sparkle Dust that comes with the colorants?!?!?! In theory my idea was a good one since the cookie tin had shapes like spider webs, ghosts and Frankenstein – unfortunately it’s true that metal non flexible molds and soap don’t mix.

Don’t you worry I have learned my lesson and still have plenty of soap making goodies to play with. I’m thinking of making some of the ideas from the Soapylove book for Christmas presents. Cookie tins may not have worked, but according to projects like the Marbled Soap Cones and Ice Cream Bars cookie cutters work like a charm!

***Soapylove was kind enough to send me free goodies, really who in their right mind would say no to free craft supplies***

10 Responses to “Soapylove Halloween Soap Adventures”

  1. Bonafyde

    LOL well that's how we learn, right!?

    If you still wanna get the soap out, I'd try heating up the pan in the oven to re-melt the soap and then pour it out the pans so you can wash em' and use them for other projects. HTH

  2. Anne-Marie

    Very cute soaps – they turned out great (metal molds or not). I can't wait to read what you come up with to play with for molds next. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will very creative (and successful!) =)

  3. Terry Drosdak

    CUTE soaps! I love my copy of the Soapylove book, and have all the new products on my wish list!

    Here's a tip – check out the dollar store for flexible ice cube molds for mini soaps, which use can use as is, or as embeds in a bar!

  4. Priscila

    I would love to feature your nursery on my blog@ Please let me know if thats ok 🙂


  5. Condo Blues

    Soapmaking is one craft that I've always wanted to try. I got a book out of the library and realized that I didn't want to make it from super scratch. Heat and pour is probably just my speed. Does Soapylove have molds for sale too?


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