So Many Pumpkins so Little Time – A Trip to Sweet Berry Farms

I had the most fabulous birthday last week! Chris took the day off and we packed up Tallulah and headed out to Marble Falls to visit the Sweet Berry Farms Pumpkin Patch. We went in the spring to pick strawberries, but I almost think I liked the pumpkin patch better and that is saying something.

I’m a sucker for beautiful heirloom pumpkins, but they are usually so dang expensive. Sweet Berry Farms is much cheaper than most of the places in town such as Central Market. I came home with pumpkins named things like turban, fairytale and peanut.

There were big pumpkins, little pumpkins and of course medium sized pumpkins. The whole place was pretty much a camera happy mother’s dream come true.

Tallulah took her first barrel train ride (she is the one in the blue barrel) and hay ride. Also for the kiddies there are goats to feed and pet, a million picture set ups, pumpkins to paint, pumpkin ice cream and oodles of other kids.

Now what shall I do with all of these pumpkins?

Last year I filled up a shopping cart with them….

I might carve a few.

I could always decorate with them.

Perhaps I’ll bust out the beads and fun fur.

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