Setting the Perfect Halloween Table

I’m kinda obsessed with Halloween. Have you heard? This weekend I threw my 5th annual Pint Sized Halloween Party. My my how the party has grown. With each year the guest list gets bigger and the party tables of food multiply to feed them. You can’t just set your witch finger cookies and mummy dogs out on a paper plate and call it a day. The art of setting the perfect party table takes days, weeks and careful planning. Let me take you on a little journey in time back through mine.

I threw Tallulah a Halloween party before I threw her first Birthday Party. Ok, I threw myself a party too, but I like to pretend these Halloween parties are for my kids. Back in 2009 there was just a handful of guests and not even a festive tablecloth on the table. I had much to learn about table setting and camera focus.

Year number two I kicked things up a notch and so did my friends. Guests were kinda enough to bring fancy cupcakes and eerie eyeballs. I loved the pot luck idea. This was before Baxter and his peanut allergy. I know all the rage is to have one long table up against a wall but I find a round table people can walk around works quite nicely.

By the third years things started getting all fancy. We upgraded from not only a table full of food but a bar too. More people means more hungry tummies. Plus when you have more tables of food it creates less of a bottleneck in traffic. See more pictures from this party here.

In 2012 the lovely and talented Jennifer M. Ramos came over to photograph the party and the spread. Food tables were inside and outside on tables, bars and counters. God bless the deep freeze. Yup, that is my secret trick. I start baking WAY ahead and put all the goodies into the deep freeze. Sneaky hugh? With Baxter’s food allergy I don’t allow anyone to bring food into the house, especially baked goods. See more pictures from this party here.

This weekend was the 5th Annual Pint Sized Halloween Party. This year also doubled as a housewarming party at our new digs. We moved in late this summer and rather than start decorating a normal house I jumped right in to decorating a Halloween house. Over the past 5 years our guest list has grown from 20 people to more like 120 people this year. We even had bartenders! Most of my centerpieces were thrifted (Frankenstein head and band major hat) or found on the curb (big polka dot covered cake stands) my mother arranged the flowers. See it does not take much to make a party table special. What will you be putting on your Halloween table this year?

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  1. Sandra Garth

    I love the progression of your parties and there’s lots of inspiration here. Thanks for sharing at Celebrate Your Story and Happy Halloween!


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