Scrapbooking Dad

DSC_0994Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  To celebrate I thought I would share a few pages from my scrapbooks that feature the one and only Dan Perkins AKA Big D.

DSC_0972Most times my art journals don’t have a traditional theme.  The only reason my dad made an appearance on this page is because his lavender shirt matched the page.

DSC_0988I would not say I am Project Lifer, but I am an occasional pocket user.  This one pictures dear old dad with us at a dinosaur exhibit.

DSC_0975This is one of my favorite Smashbook pages of all time.  Dad back in his MP days peaks out of a pocket.

DSC_0969I have always loved this picture of me and my dad.  Oh the 70’s.  Wish I had that owl sweat suit now for Tallulah.


Dad was a big help at the kid’s 2nd and 4th birthday.  He played diggers with Baxter the entire time.

I think in honor of Father’s Day I’m going to do something crafty involving dear old dad.  Paint a picture of him, embroider his portrait or perhaps add a new dad themed page to my scrapbook.








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