Scissor Shaped Soft Pretzels

What does one make and bring when they are invited to the birthday party of a sewing Goddess being held at a sewing studio? First of all you get the dates right and show up to the actual party (more on that later). I put on my bedazzled thinking cap and started pondering. First, I knew something sweet was out since I figured there would be a sea of cupcakes. I wanted it to be something fun to make with the kids since I was home with them cooking. Lastly, I wanted it to be something that screamed crafts. I know…. SOFT PRETZEL SCISSORS!

I used a recipe I found on Yammie’s Noshery which is an Auntie Anne’s Copycat Recipe. I followed it to a T except used whole wheat flour.

Tallulah had great fun helping me knead the dough. The waiting for the dough to rise part was tricky (for a toddler’s patience not for me). I spent the time Googling images of scissors. When my dough was ready I rolled it out into sections just like Yammie suggested. Instead of twisting into a traditional pretzel shape I twisted into pretzels and baked until golden brown.

I plated the pretzels with yellow mustard in the center and off to the party I went. I was just sure all the crafters at the party would be blown away at my new found pretzel prowess, but alas like a scatterbrained mother I had read the invitation wrong and showed up to the party a day late. The one crafter that was there happened to be the birthday girl so at least I got to give her my well wishes in person. We left my pretzels in the fridge of the sewing studio for all the weekend’s students to enjoy.

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