Say Yaaas to a Pink Christmas Tree

Have you ever dreamed of having your very own pink  Christmas tree?  What is holding you back?  You don’t have to have a 9 foot tall pink Christmas tree like me – you can go table top, pencil or even a wee little 4ft tree.  Also, these beauties come in hot or pastel pink.  If you are still debating whether or not you are a pink tree kinda household, let me convince you with a few of my favorites.

9ft pink Christmas tree with vintage Santa doll decorations

Say Yaaas to a Pink Christmas Tree – You Know You Want To

No, you don’t have to have 9ft pink tree, but it would be a lot cooler if you did.  Pink lends it’s self surprisingly well to traditional Christmas colors like red, white and green.  Check out my Candy Cane Forest for proof.  I used my pink tree as a way to display all of vintage Santa Claus dolls this year.  I have a couple 😉

Pink Christmas Tree Pinterest

Hot Pink Kitshmas Flamingo Tree – Aunt Peaches 

Pastel pink Christmas trees too froufrou for you?  What about a hot pink kitschmas tree?  Let’s go ahead and put some flamingoes on that bad boy too because a maximalist Christmas is always a good idea!  I’m pretty sure when it comes to holiday decor that Amanda from Aunt Peaches and I were separated at birth.

Cluster of colorful kitschmas trees with vintage ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

Baby Step Your Way Into Pink

Whether your pink Christmas tree is a stand alone center of attention of nestled in with a colorful Kitschmas tree forest, a pink tree is always a good idea.  Perhaps baby step your way into colorful Christmas trees with a smaller tree first.  I promise after one season of pinkmas you will be a convert!

Pink Christmas Tree

Mid-Century Christmas Home Tour – Melodrama

Talk about mid-century Christmas perfection, Melodrama is the queen.  Her furniture and Palm Springs home are the perfect back drop for her fabulous pastel pink Christmas tree dripping in vintage inspired Shiney Brite style ornaments.  Even her DIY felt tree skirt is giving me life!  Hey girl I’ll be in your neck of the woods this spring, can I come over for a tour? Kidding.  Not kidding.

Pink Christmas tree and styled Kitschmas etagere by Jennifer Perkins

Whimsical Hot Pink Kitschmas Tree Full of Vintage Toys

This is probably one of my favorite kitschmas scenarios I’ve ever styled.  My hot pink Christmas tree was the perfect backdrop for DIY plastic Easter egg garlands, handmade wrapping paper and Jennifer Perkins Art ornaments.  Plus my favorite neon colored Christmas blow molds fit right in.  Check out 10 Ways to Use Vintage Christmas Blow Molds In Your Holiday Decor for more!

Ice Cream Themed Pink Christmas Tree Jennifer Perkins

Deliciously Cute Ice Cream Themed Christmas Tree

There is nothing sweeter than a DIY ice cream ornament and I know because I’ve made about a gazillion of them in my day!  The only better is a 9ft pink Christmas tree full of ice cream ornaments!  Technically I decorated this tree for National Ice Cream Day in July, but come on it would be perfect for Christmas too!  Who’s hungry now?

Sweet DIY Ice Cream Ornaments and Trees With Treats

Colorfu lChristmas Traditions

Merry And Bright Christmas – A Kailo Chic Life

My friend Kara knows how to make everything a bit brighter and merrier including a bubblegum pink Christmas tree.  Whether you love a Christmas tree with minimal decor or dripping in ornaments a pink tree can handle both beautifully.  I just wanna live in this picture don’t you?  Pop over to A Kailo Chic Life for more about her tree!  

P.S. Did you see the Autumn Themed Christmas Trees we decorated?

Hot Pink Christmas Tree by Jennifer Perkins

Groovy 60’s Hot Pink Christmas Tree

This was the year I was slightly obsessed with the color combination of red, white, yellow, sage green and hot pink.  Honestly looking at this picture I’m still kinda obsessed.  The whole room got that special Jennifer Perkins kitschmas makeover with a retro 60’s vibe.  Pop over to  Very Merry Neon Pink Christmas to see more.

Pink Christmas tree with a sewing theme

Sewing Themed Kitschmas Tree Forest

I don’t sew much, but I can decorate a mean Christmas tree with a sewing theme.  This little forest of trees is covered in a collection of vintage toy sewing machines, Putz houses and DIY paper flowers made from sewing patterns.  Originally part of a round-up for DIY Network called 10 Totally Outrageous Retro Christmas Trees pop over to my post How to Decorate a Sewing Themed Christmas Tree post for more pictures.

Pink Christmas Tree Ideas

Retro Vibes Powder Pink Christmas Tree – Danielle Thompson

I’m not sure what part of this picture I love most – pastel afghan, baby pink Christmas tree or that wrapping paper.  Don’t even get me started about the cuteness of those kitschy ornaments or the satin ball ornament tree topper.  Danielle Thompson has a magical eye for vintage kitsch!

Hot Pink Christmas Tree

Who Says Trees Have To Be Green 

This was one of my first pink Christmas trees – ahhh how special. In hindsight my tree topper makes this hot pink tree look like a Vegas showgirl (that’s a good thing).  See more over on the Treetopia blog in my post Not All Pink Trees Are Created Equal.

Christmas Tree Pink

90’s Throwback Tree – Awww Sam 

Everything Awww Sam creates is colorful and fun.  Her 90’s Throwback Pink Christmas Tree is too!  Slinkies, smiley faces, Magic 8 Balls and more. Which ornament resonates with you the most my children of the 90’s?  I gotta say that wrapping paper is making my heart go pitter patter!

Magenta Christmas tree covered with vintage tree toppers

Magenta Merry and Brite Tinsel Christmas Tree

Does magenta count as a pink tree?  I think it does.  Somewhere between red and pink lives the mysterious magenta Christmas tree.  Probably one of the first trees I ever owned this tree has known many styles and themes.  The year this picture was taken I covered it with vintage Jewel Brite ornaments, plastic Santa doll faces and vintage Christmas tree toppers.  Oh wait is that a sequin covered jungle animal I see?  Ya it is!

How to decorate a pink Christmas tree - Jennifer Perkins

Move Over Green – Pink Christmas Trees Are Here And Fabulous!

So which one is your favorite?  Are you on team hot pink or pastel pink Christmas tree?  Don’t forget magenta!  It’s a hard choice I know, that is why I strongly suggest having one (or more) of each.  I do!


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  1. Christine

    Wow, I am seriously loving the color! How can anyone have a bad day when seeing all that gorgeous color in their living room.

    So cheerful!


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