Easy Monoprint Monster Halloween Shirts With the Kids

Easy DIY Halloween monster shirts for kids by Jennifer PerkinsMy degree is in psychology, so is my husbands. Both of my parents are psychologists. All that being said I am very familiar with Rorschach tests. Ya know those blobs of black paint that you are supposed to find hidden meaning in? Ya those.  I wonder if Mr. Rorschach ever thought of making some of those prints with fabric paint on a T-shirt and adding some felt monster features?  

All you need for these adorable paint monster shirts are paint, felt, fabric glue and some kids.  Luckily my kids were more than happy to squeeze paint in random patterns onto shirts.  Use a fabric paint on pre-washed clothing.

How to make a mono print Halloween monster shirt with the kids by Jennifer Perkins

Be sure to encourage the kids to only squeeze paint onto half of the shirt.  You will be folding the shirt in half to make the monster.  A piece of cardboard between layers might be a good idea so the paint does not bleed through onto the back.

Fold your painted shirt in half to mix colors and make a monster blob by Jennifer Perkins

Fold the shirt in half and smoosh.  This is what will make your mono print or Rorschach monster. Wipe away any excess paint that comes out the sides.

Paint monster blob for kid's Halloween shirt by Jennifer Perkins

Gently peel apart shirt to reveal pattern.  Allow to dry completely.

Use felt and fabric glue to add features to your monster shirt - Jennifer Perkins

Using felt cut out eyes, mouths, noses, fangs and more.  Use fabric glue to add the features to the dried paint monsters.  Make sure the kids get involved in the placement.

DIY monster monoprint shirts for Halloween by Jennifer Perkins

Last step try to get your kids to stay still while you take their pictures modeling the shirts!  Adorable and perfect for Halloween.

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