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I always say that there is something about the holidays that brings out the crafter in everyone.  People who have not touched their glue gun all year suddenly feel the urge to sprinkle glitter.  The other thing I notice during the holidays is that people feel a bit more charitable.  Maybe you have donated to any causes all year, but something about Christmas and those warm fuzzies makes you feel not only extra crafty, but also extra giving.

Please note this is a sponsored post by McDonalds and the Ronald McDonald House Charities.  All opinions are my own.

I took get feel like giving back a little more than usual during the holidays.  After all it is better to give than to receive right?  When McDonald’s reached out and asked me if I was interested in helping raise awareness for a new easy way to donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charities it was perfect timing!

What are the Ronald McDonald House Charities?

If you have a sick child in a hospital far from home these houses are available for families to stay in free of charge.  For decades, Ronald McDonald House Charities® has ensured families with sick children are able to be together and close to the care they need, made possible in part through the change collected from generous customer donations at McDonald’s restaurants.  

Round-Up Ronald McDonald House Charities 

Ya’ll how much more likely are you to donate when you are prompted to add an extra dollar or round-up for a charity.  I know it makes year round donating so much easier for me.  McDonald’s customers can now donate to RMHC through technology (at kiosks) that gives them the opportunity to Round-Up their purchase to the nearest whole dollar.

Donate With the Tap of a Button

I love me a self check out and the kiosk ordering option at McDonald’s is no exception.  It was so easy at the end of the transaction to just hit the “round-up” option at the end before I checked out.  The awesome thing is this new technology and added convenience has already raised $2.2 million for RMHC.  

Setting a Good Example

I don’t know about you but when I go to McDonald’s I’m usually there with my kids.  What better way to talk to them about giving then right there at the kiosk when you are ordering a few Happy Meals!

Learn more about Ronald McDonald House Charities and other ways you can help.

Find out more about McDonald’s here:

Kitschmas diorama in a McDonald's French Fry container

Next time you find yourself at McDonald’s try the kiosk and be sure to hit the round-up button.  Some family somewhere with a sick child thanks you.  Plus not only are you doing a good thing and getting to eat some yummy fries you can also do a little Christmas crafting when you are done!


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