Ridiculously Cute & Easy DIY String Lights from Toilet Paper Rolls

Last year I made not one, but two sets of diy string lights that revolved around spent toilet paper rolls.  We are family of 4, there are a lot of them around here.

How to turn toilet paper rolls into string light covers.


How to recycle toilet paper rolls into fancy string lights.

The first set I made for I love to Create using paper napkins and the second set I made for a really fun book by Jamie Dorobek called Creating Really Awesome Free Things: 100 Seriously Fun, Super Easy Projects for Kids. Today I thought share the project with you.



  • Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • String Lights
  • Craft Glue
  • Craft Paint
  • Hole Punch

Step 1

Cut your toilet paper tubes into 3rds.  You can use paper towel rolls too you just want to make sure all the pieces are about the same size, 2″s-ish.


Step 2

Poke holes in the centers of the toilet paper rolls with a hole punch.

Step 3

Cut your tissue paper into circles slightly larger than the ends of your toilet paper rolls.  Using craft glue or decoupage medium adhere the tissue paper to each end of the toilet paper tubes.


Step 4

Insert the string lights into the holes in the toilet paper rolls.  You may need to use hot glue to keep the lights in the holes.



Step 5

Use craft paint to cover the the toilet paper rolls.  This might take a few coats.

DIY recycled string lights from toilet paper rolls.

Step 6

Embellish your lights however you want.  Washi tape is always a fun addition.

How to recycle toilet paper rolls into fancy string lights.

There are so many fun ways you can decorate these lights.  You are only limited by tissue paper and napkin choices.  Stores like Paper Source, Ikea and Target have a TON to choose from.  Cute, easy and crafty.  Great craft for the kids too!

What do you do with your spent toilet paper rolls?


13 Responses to “Ridiculously Cute & Easy DIY String Lights from Toilet Paper Rolls”

  1. Cindy Eikenberg

    Hi Jen – I absolutely love this idea!!! Stopping by from Mother 2 Mother, pinned and following on social media. Thanks so much for sharing – hope you have a happy Sunday and a great week!

  2. Charlene Asay

    These are super cute. They would look so cute in my little girls room. Thanks for sharing with us at Family Joy Blog Link Up Party this week.

  3. j

    These are so sweet, what a pretty idea.
    In our house we used to save TP tubes for Christmas crackers and when the kids were really little they would tape them together to make toy binoculars, light sabers, swords etc, I have been known to use them to start seedling off in the garden but mostly they go straight in the recycling – with a big family they are definitely a thing that you get way more of than you can ever use for craft projects!

    • Jennifer

      Thanks so much Alicia. Me too. I see those commercials for rolls without centers and it sends shivers down my crafty spine!


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