Retro Inspired Halloween Mask How-To

How to make your own vintage style Halloween mask.

Of all my vintage Halloween goodies, my collection of plastic masks are my favorite. I love the neon colors, the goofy monsters and sometimes I am even lucky enough to find them still in the box. The thing is the masks are very fragile so not very many survived from the 70’s. This ‘rare’ aspect makes me love them even more. It also makes me want to supplement my collection by making my own.

The supplies you will need to make a Halloween mask.


Plastic craft mask
Wooden shadowbox
Craft paint
Hot glue
Plaster wrap
Air dry clay

Apply plaster wrap to plastic Halloween mask.
Plastic mask forms are easy to find during Halloween. In the off season they can be located at most large craft chains. Cover your mask with plaster wrap. The masks are plastic and slick so this gives the clay something to stick to.
Apply air dry clay to your Halloween mask.

After your plaster wrap dries apply your air dry clay. I wanted to beef up features like eyebrows and chins.
Sand the rough edges of your Halloween mask.

Allow the clay to dry overnight and sand rough edges.

Paint your Halloween mask.
Using craft paint make your monster mask spooky. I tried to emulate my favorite 70’s style monster masks from makers like Ben Cooper and Collegeville.

Add detail to your Halloween mask with paint.

Paint your shadowbox black.

Attach mask and yarn pompoms to shadowbox.
While your paint is drying make yarn pompoms galore. This step is not necessary, but I wanted my monster to be ‘hairy’.  Glue your pompoms around your mask and into the box.

How to make a vintage inspired Halloween mask.
I think my new ‘hairy and scary’ creature fits right in with the rest of my collection. I’m thinking I will try my hand at a witch next!

Collection of vintage Halloween masks.

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