Resolutions for 2013

Like everybody else and their dogs, I have New Year’s Resolutions. Mine probably are not so different than yours. However, like when I went on Weight Watchers last year I feel like if I write them down here I will be more apt to stick to them. Somehow blogging about my resolutions makes me more accountable.

BLOG MORE – It’s not that I feel like blogs are obsolete, but I do feel that mico-blogging options like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter make me a lazy blogger. I vow to blog more than just my weekly how-to projects. Anything you would like to see?

LOSE THE 10lbs THAT SANTA BROUGHT ME FOR CHRISTMAS – Well Ok, I can’t blame Santa. From October-December I have been a baking machine and the tightness and muffin top on my jeans can prove it. I signed myself back up for Weight Watchers and have started tracking again. I worked too hard last year to lose all that baby weight to gain it back with my 20 year high school reunion on the horizon. Speaking of HS reunions, I’m taking moisturizer and wrinkle cream suggestions. Got any? RUN A MARATHON – A marathon might be ambitious, but I’d like to train to run a 5k at least. Maybe the Turkey Trot in the fall. After that maybe I’ll get crazy and think about training for a half marathon or a triathlon. I’m setting my goals small. I was hot and heavy with jogging last year and then when Tallulah got sick in July I lost momentum. 

EAT MY VEGGIES – I actually already eat a lot of veggies, but more never hurt. Last year my family joined a CSA and though it was fun and tasty it did overwhelm me a bit. My problem is we had weekly delivery rather than bi-weekly. I’d like to make a point to eat less meat and dairy this year and start living a more vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. I was a vegetarian for years in high school and college. While I’m eating more veggies I’d like for my children to as well. That also brings me to another point that I need to start cooking again. I decided earlier in the fall that all my elaborate recipe selections were causing more stress in the evenings than they were worth. In the end the result was frozen pizza and take out.

TAKE A CLASS EVERY MONTH – I recently took an ornament making class and it reminded me of how much I love having a night out with my girlfriends and learning something new. My father-in-law gave me the gift of cash this holiday season which I intend to use to fund this resolution. A friend invited me to take a bee-keeping class with her in March.

I won’t bore you with my extended list of resolutions. This is just a taste of the 5 biggies. Sure I’d like to save more for retirement, quit spending so much money at Target and the thrift store, have my kids watch less TV – the list goes on. What is on your list? Any tips about sticking to those resolutions? I have a fridge full of golden beets and kale, been to the gym once this week already and this looks like a blog post to me. So far so good on my goals.

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