Redheaded Arts and Crafts – Part 1: Arts

Today we embark on two days of redheaded arts and crafts. Tomorrow we will be featuring some of our favorite redheaded crafters, but today we are talking about redheads in art. My fascination all started with my love of Toulouse Lautrec paintings and has progressed from there.

Two redheads are better than one.
1) HELLO July by: Ashley G 2) believe in yourself by: Jess Gonacha 3) Red Haired Twins by: Art and Ghosts 4) I think Im in love by: Rosie Music

The eyes have it.
1) My Valentine-Sweet Candy Girl holds Love in a heart Box by: Pinky Toast 2) The Illustrated Girl by: The Black Apple 3) Punk Groupie by: Daily Practice 4) Cherry Bomb by: Scarlett Cat

Wind blowing through your hair.
1) Margot I – The Collection by: Liza Corbett 2) Malin by: Carambatack Design 3) Beauty by: Ola Design 4) Impatiens by: Marmee Craft

Minty fresh Pepperminte.
1) treasures by: Pepperminte 2) clementine by: Pepperminte 3) madeline by: Pepperminte 4) musical dreams by: Pepperminte

Rockin robin redheads – tweet tweet.
1) Too Shy No. 3 by: Rosie Music 2) She Was A Bit by: Number Eight 3) Litte Heart Beat and Butterflies-Root Doll Girl by Pinky Toast 4) Red Head Fashionable Chick Drawing by: Old Cake Paintings

Don’t forget to stop back by tomorrow to read our redheaded crafters round up! Know any pieces of redhead art I forgot? Trivia: Which of these 20 prints do I own and have hanging in my bedroom?

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9 Responses to “Redheaded Arts and Crafts – Part 1: Arts”

  1. rachael

    hooray! i’m a redhead too and really appreciate the love…thanks also for including my work in this rad grouping 🙂

  2. akgw7402

    Don’t know which one you have in your house, I do know which one I have in mine; Illustrated Girl by Black Apple, one of many of hers.

  3. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Marilyn all it takes is a trip to the salon or the beauty supply store and you too could be a redhead. That is how I joined the gang.

    Wow that is two for the Emily Martin print.

    As mentioned in the above comment I have another print by Jessica Gonacha in my bedroom as well as one by Pepperminte that is of a pair of bloody skinned knees. Still not telling which redhead I


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