Welcome to Felicia’s Cut and Curl – A New Artsy Craftsy Collection

I’m reclaiming the cardboard canister craft for my own artsy purposes.  Sure a quick spin through Pinterest produces oodles of results for using empty oatmeal cans for home decor and kids crafts but I’m slapping a pompom and a toothy grin on mine.  Oh and also gravel, plastic curlers, glitter and a bouquet of fake flowers.

GUESS WHAT!  You can grab your very own piece of this one of a kind collection in my Jennifer Perkins Art Etsy shop!  A few are already sold, but don’t worry I eat oatmeal every morning so I should have plenty of supplies to make more.

Collection of head vases made by Jennifer Perkins

Welcome to Felicia’s Cut and Curl

First and foremost you are probably wondering who the heck Felicia is.  Well apparently she was originally the proud owner of these colorful plastic curlers that grace each of the head vases.  She kindly wrote her name on several of the curlers.  Each of the sculptures in this collection have a bit of Felicia.  Some are more obvious with their curlers others are slightly more subtle.

Head vases painted with gravel.

Recycled Crafts Are the Best Crafts

It all started when I joined my neighborhood “Buy Nothing” Facebook group.  I’m sure your area has a version.  Very nice people give away things and if you need something like empty nuts or grits canisters for creative epiphanies they deliver.  In my case sometimes people even dropped items off directly on my doorstep!  Grab Felicia’s Cut and Curl #2 on Etsy.

P.S. Did you know I have an ENTIRE section on recycled craft ideas.

Collection of art vases

I Have This Thing For Head Vases and Ugly Jugs

I’ve collected ceramic head vases and ugly jugs for several years.  You know me, the weirder looking the better.  My collection is mostly a nod to the outsider art movement and include new and vintage pieces of everything from signed fancy pieces to ceramic student projects gone horribly wrong.  I think my Felicia’s Cut and Curl collection fits right in.  Glitter pompoms, vintage children’s sunglasses and hankies all come together and will fit right in on your shelf just like they do mine.

P.S. Wanna make your own boho face planter from air dry clay?  I’ve got a project AND a video to show you how.

Mixed media jar painted with yarn.

Yarn Painting

The first head vase I made was just an evening playing with what was in front of me – my own empty oatmeal container, yarn, vintage wrapping paper and some faux flowers.  I found myself listening to podcasts and gluing stuff to stuff and before I knew it my first creation was born!  Painting with yarn is so much fun I need to that more often!

Wanna Try Yarn Painting?

Headvase painted with glitter by Jennifer Perkins

Felicia’s Cut and Curl is the Kitschiest Salon in Town

I’ve always loved the intersection of where art meets craft and blurring the lines beyond recognition and these head vases are the epitome of that theory.  If the current collection of art on your walls and shelves are looking a bit too serious it might be time to add something with glitter and googly eyes to even things out.  Plus not only are this collection based on recycled items the bouquet will never wilt.  BONUS!

Speaking of recycling have you listened to the episode of my podcast Creative Queso with Tiffany Threadgould of TerraCycle?

Vintage doll head vase with bouquet.

Who Knew An Empty Cardboard Canister Could Be So Entertaining!

I’d love to hear which piece from the Felicia’s Cut and Curl collection is your favorite!  Should I keep dipping into my stash of doll heads, more yarn painting or are you team gravel and glitter?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

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