Recycled Halloween Ornament Dioramas with the Kids

Mini Maker Mondays - Mommy and me crafts with Jennifer Perkins and the Minis DIY Halloween ornaments made from recycled Play-Doh containers by Jennifer Perkins

My kids are just as into Halloween as I am and not just because of the candy.  This is peak kids craft season around these parts.  As you know I have a couple (ok 15 this year) Halloween themed Christmas trees up around my house.  That is a lot of ornaments.  Keep reading to see how I turned my kids bad habit of leaving the lids off their Play-Doh into a win win for all of us and especially my Halloween trees.

Empty Play-Doh containers are perfect for getting Halloween crafty with the kids!


  • Empty Play-Doh containers
  • Small Halloween toys (pencil toppers, erasers, googley eyes)
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter
  • Decorative trim
Mod Podge and glitter for Play-Doh diorama ornaments.

Make sure all the dried up Play-Doh has been removed from inside of the container.  Coat the inside with Mod Podge or craft glue.  While the glue is still wet sprinkle on glitter.

Halloween Play-Doh dioramas with glitter.

Shake off the excess glitter and allow to dry completely.  If you want to add a protective top coat layer of decoupage medium wait until the first layer has dried 24 hours at least.

Colorful Halloween diorama ornaments made from empty Play-Doh cans by Jennifer Perkins

Next is the fun part – decorating!  Add trim, toys and more into your wee sparkly dioramas.  Be careful with kids and hot glue.  Younger kids might do better working with craft glue or a really low temp glue gun.  

Halloween tree by Jennifer Perkins with recycled Play-Doh ornaments.

Get creative and have fun.  Think about what else you have lying around that could be transformed into a diorama for a fun recycled craft.  In the 50’s they used tuna fish cans (might have to try that this Christmas).  What have you made ornaments out of?  Do tell, I’m always looking for something new and fun! 

Halloween dioramas made from empty Play-Doh containers by Jennifer Perkins

This DIY originally appeared on Treetopia (sponsored link) where I am the paid brand ambassador.  It was just too fun not to share the post here too!

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