Recycled Easter Egg Rain Cloud Mobile

Cloud mobile with purple rain from Easter eggs.

Is anyone else knee deep in a sea of plastic Easter eggs today?  What do you do with all those suckers?  Well ok that was a rhetorical question, I know exactly what you should do with them.  Over on DIY Network I have 10 Ways to Repurpose Plastic Easter Eggs with fun ideas like Nest Necklaces, Marquee Letters and Pineapple String Lights.  Today I’m updating a fun rain cloud mobile from Easter eggs and giving it an ode to Prince spin.  As a matter of fact “The Beautiful Ones” were playing as I typed that sentence.  Need to que up “Purple Rain” next.

DIY Rain cloud mobile from plastic Easter eggs.

The original project appeared on DIY Network.  I love the way this little rain cloud looks over a bed.  Egg shapes can double as so many things: pineapples, marquee light bulb covers, rain drops and more.  Sure I save most of the plastic Easter eggs for next Easter, but a few I give the craft treatment too.  As a major Prince fan when he passed away last year I knew immediately that this rain cloud mobile needed to be redone with purple rain as a crafty homage.  

Purple rain mobile made from Easter Eggs.

The mobile is so easy to make – hand sew a felt cloud, dangle strands of yarn or rickrack from the bottom of the cloud, make small holes in the tops and bottoms of your eggs and slide random sized eggs on and hold in place with hot glue.

Recycled Easter egg mobile.

So whether you prefer plain blue raindrops or want to remember the purple one with your Easter egg mobile.  Both are adorable, easy and a great way to use up some of those plastic Easter eggs you are kicking around.

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