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I hope you caught my blog post yesterday with a review of Stencil 101 by Ed Roth and a contest to win some fabric paint! Yesterday I showed you how to use the stencils to adorn a skirt and blouse. Today we are continuing our series on onesies and I wanted to show you what kind of magic these bad boys can do to make custom baby clothes. If you are tuning in for the first time be sure and refer back in this 6 week series. We have covered embroidery, personalized appliqués, internet favorites and how to host a onesie making party. These pictures are actually from the same party and give you another idea about Lil’ Whips wardrobe.

There are many perks to owning a copy of Stencil 101. First of all the stencil options are not hideously ugly like most stencils at the craft store. I hate to be that way but I didn’t want a onesie with a Fleur de Lis or roses. I want my baby to wear sumo wrestlers, boom boxes, cassette tapes and Super 8 cameras. Thank God the girls at my onesie making party agreed. The second bonus about the stencils is that there is a myriad of ways to apply them. Some of the girls opted for fabric paint while others went with fabric makers a few even opted for pastels especially made for fabric.

Anne Marie opts for a set of Fabric Fun Pastel Dye Sticks to illustrate her “Baby Rolls Big Body” Onesie. Her car actually looks a lot like that oddly enough.

Even after you have stenciled on your onesie, nothing says that you can’t go back in with additional fabric marker embellishment. Karly adds green grass underneath her sunny Sumo wrestler.

Erin carefully places her fawn stencil on a wee little striped onesie.

Photographer extraordinaire Cory Ryan opted for the Super 8 camera stencil and a rainbow pallet of Tulip fabric paint.

Erin’s fawn and Cory’s camera hang on the line to dry completely. I recommend letting the onesies dry for 48 hours and then going over them with a hot iron or running them in your dryer for 30 minutes. Be sure to wash them inside out!

After carefully weighing her stencil options Tina opted for a hot pink boom box on her onesie.

No little Texan is complete with out a Lone Star onesie. I’ll have to make sure Lil’ Whip is wearing this outfit when he or she has their obligatory picture in the bluebonnets made.

Not to play favorites, but I think the Raised in Craftivity Onesie by Karly was the stenciled onesie I was most smitten on. Karly used the ape from Stencil 101 and black Tulip fabric paint and embellished with a catchy slogan using Crafty Chica fabric markers.

P.S. Thanks again to Cory Ryan for the extra pictures (the pretty ones).

7 Responses to “Raised in Craftivity”

  1. karly / design crisis

    Thanks for the compliments! That raised in craftivity onsie was totally worth the stress of trying to write clearly. Can’t wait to see the whip in them!

    PS Cory’s pics turned out great, the light in your Florida room is so good

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Glad everyone likes the idea of the onesie making party. I don’t see why you could not incorporate this into a clothes swap for adults too.

    Heather glad you caught my Texas joke. It’s like a right of passage here to be a child and have your parents pull over on a busy highway and drag you out and pose you in flowers. Semi trucks going 70 mph blowing the blue bonnets all around you.


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