Rainbow Home Decor – Too Much or Just Right?

Creating a rainbow tree mini forest.

What are your thoughts on rainbows and home decor?  Lately, I’m feeling it.  Maybe it is because St. Patrick’s Day is near or maybe because as they say I have this thing with color, either way I keep styling more and more rainbow vignettes around my digs.

How to make a rainbow door mat.

Some of the rainbows you might find around my house are obvious like this doormat I made for Treetopia (sponsored link).  I can hardly bring myself to wipe the dirt off my pencil shoes and onto this thing of beauty.

How to style a collection of rainbow colored glass.

Other rainbows around my house are more subtle.  I spy more than one rainbow here: glass collection, sand art and even a wee picture frame.

Rainbow wreath for St. Patrick's Day.

During March a girl has to hang her St. Patrick’s Day wreath like this one I made for Treetopia (sponsored link).

How to make thrift store art that much better with rainbow stickers.

Did you catch my DIY This with Jennifer Perkins video where I revamped several pieces of thrift store art?  This technique using foam stickers is one of my favorites.  This one got the rainbow treatment.  Yes, that is Michael Jackson.

How to stitch a rainbow onto a basket.

Stitched desk storage can come in many shapes, sizes and colors but lately I prefer mine rainbow.

Cardboard Letter U turned into a rainbow vase by Jennifer Perkins

Rainbow Vases – What color is your rainbow?  Mine are sometimes ROY G. Biv and other times they are neon, have black and white polkadots or are covered in flowers.

How to make a rainbow with your books.

Last, but far from least is my rainbow bookshelf.  When you are a book hoarder like me styling your shelves into rainbows is no problem!

So what are your thoughts?  Have any rainbows lurking in your digs?  Too colorful for your blood?  Tell me everything!


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