Deck the Halls With Rainbows!

Get on board the rainbow Christmas tree train people, it’s a fun ride.  Green trees are great and all but the world gave us obnoxious multicolored faux Christmas trees for a reason.  Last time I checked the holidays were about spreading joy and cheer and I’m not sure that message gets any more clear than with a rainbow colored Christmas tree.  

Rainbow striped Christmas tree in an eclectic living room.

Rainbow Christmas Tree

Prior to this my rainbow Christmas tree had only been used as a Creepy Clown Halloween Tree.  I think she transitions into Christmas, or shall I say Kitschmas, seamlessly.  I’m the first to admit that a rainbow tree is not for everyone or at least for the faint of heart when it comes to Christmas.  You have to fully commit to a colorful Christmas with a rainbow tree – sparkling lights, sequins and heck why not throw on some vintage beaded necklaces.

Santa blow mold next to a rainbow tree .

How Do You Decorate a Rainbow Christmas Tree

I have three ‘striped Christmas trees’ – red and white, black and white and now rainbow.  I’ve gathered a few tips and tricks as decorating this specific type of artificial tree can be a bit tricky

Step 1: Assemble the Tree Correctly

When assembling most artificial Christmas trees it usually does not matter how you line up the pieces.  With a striped tree as you insert the pieces you need to make sure the stripe is lining up.

Step 2: Fluffing Your Tree

This is such a crucial step to tree decorating that so many people want to skimp on.  Spend extra time fluffing out every branch, even the ones in the center.  As you fluff make sure you are not losing the pattern of your striped Christmas tree.

Rainbow Christmas tree with vintage beaded ornaments.

Step 3: Adding Lights to a Rainbow Christmas Tree

Unless your tree comes pre-lit let’s face it you will not be able to get the light wires to match a rainbow tree.  Come to terms with this and move on.  I used rainbow ball lights and tried to hide the green wires as best as I could without buying the lights.

Step 4: Decorating Your Rainbow Christmas Tree

Now remember there are no rules set in stone, but this is how I decorate my striped Christmas trees.  Let the rainbow stripes guide your ornament selection.  Sure you could randomly add all your family heirloom ornaments and handprints the kids brought home from Kindergarten, but you will quickly lose the effect of the rainbow stripes.  Instead I try to add blue ornaments in the blue stripes and so on.  This year I opted to showcase my collection of vintage beaded ornaments in a color coordinated kind of way.

Rainbow tree forest decorated for Christmas.

Mini Tree Rainbow Forest

You could stop at just the one rainbow tree, but you know me better than to think I’d do that.  If you’re like me you have enough colorful tabletop Christmas trees to create your very own rainbow forest.  I decided to do just that along of my book shelves.  I debated decorating each of the trees, but in the end opted against it.  That might have been too busy for even me and that’s saying something.

A collection of mini Christmas trees in rainbow order.

Vintage Knee Hugger Elves and Christmas Corsages

Instead of decorating the actual trees I opted to hide their bases with a collection of vintage elves, sparkly bells and Christmas corsages.  I guess wearing a corsage at Christmas was once a thing.  Oh, and every time my kids ask me about getting an elf on the shelf I remind them we already have a small army.

Rainbow Christmas tree with DIY polymer clay ornaments

The More Rainbow Holiday Decor The Better

Have you come over to the rainbow side of holiday decorating yet?  If you are still not convinced let me tempt your skeptical tummy with the taste of this nuts and honey…

Let us not forget a St. Patricks Day Wreath and the before mentioned Halloween Tree.  All I’m saying is that rainbows work for any holiday.

Kitschmas tree in rainbow colors by Jennifer Perkins.

Look, not everyone is going to buy a ticket on this technicolored polar express but I’m kinda feeling it.  I love a good holiday decor challenge and a rainbow Christmas tree was a stretch for even me.  I gotta say, I may keep that cute mini forest up well past the holidays.


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