Quilting Fabric – Fun For More Than Just Quilting



quiltcollageQuiltcon is coming back to Austin!  I don’t quilt, but that does not mean I’m not excited.  When I went a few years back I was inspired by not only the beauty of the quilts, but also by the wonderful array of quilting fabric.  I have long been a fan of quilting fabric in my jewelry and crafts.

Quilting fabric is often perfect for crafting and jewelry design because of how lightweight the fabric is and also because of the small pattern.  Above are a few of my favorites!

Quilting Cutie Shoes – I have painted, glittered and doodled shoes in my day but my favorite have always been this pair I covered in quilting fabric.

Quilted Junk Journal – I love using fabric in my Smashbooks/Art Journals.  You can apply them just like decoupage or even stitch them in.

Quilting Yo Yo Jewelry – Sometimes when you are antiquing you get lucky enough to find a bag of completed quilting yo-yo’s.  They look pretty spiffy added to jewelry.

Quilted Kids Coat – I wish I had this jacket in my size.  My mother made this adorable quilted coat from fabric and a sweatshirt.

Will you be at Quiltcon this week?  Doesn’t matter if you quilt or not.

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