Quick, Easy and FREE Last Minute Candy Free Valentine Printables

Valentine ideas

Ya know what I love at Valentine’s?  Gifts and cards that don’t involve candy.  Not because I am crazy about sugar (my kids eat way too much like everybody else) but because my son has food allergies.  A peanut allergy the worst of them all.

Ideas for candy free Valentines.

Remember the teal pumpkins I made for DIY Network and I Love to Create?  What about the Sunbutter to my Jelly T-Shirt and Sign.  Let’s not forget the peanut free crayon door hanger.  Every holiday I feel like I am going through my son’s stash and taking everything away.  He’s 4 he does not really understand why so I always look like the bad guy.  I’d LOVE for my son to get candy free Valentine cards like these from FamilyFun Magazine.


Not only do I love these clever Valentine’s from FamilyFun Magazine because they are candy free.  I love them because they are activity based.  They get your kids to color, play a game or learn a new skill.

Candy free Valentine ideas

Another added bonus.  If you are scrambling to get these ready for your kid’s party these wrappers and cards are free printables.  You heard me right FREE PEOPLE.  Just head over to FamilyFun Printables and get busy.  Also might I add that lot’s of these will fit inside plastic Easter eggs.

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