Puzzle Picture Frame DIY

I’m slightly obsessed with gallery walls. I’ve been in the new house 1 month today and already have 4.5. Today I made a new personalized addition to one of those gallery walls with a Puzzle Picture Frame DIY using a vintage puzzles, Tacky Dots and Instagram photos. Pop over to the I Love to Create blog for the full scoop.

Looking for more clever ways to display your family photos? I have a few suggestions. Here are 5 more kitschy up-cycled picture frames, 5 MORE kitschy up-cycled picture frames, terrarium picture frames, Easter frames, Halloween melted crayon picture frame, Neons and nature picture frame, 2nd place Valentine picture frame, Milk Bone memorial dog frame, Television picture frame, Cafeteria tray picture frame, Wee witch shrine, and 3rd place canoe daddy! Oh and is this the first time I have combined pictures and puzzles? Nope, I almost forgot this Grandparent’s Day picture puzzle.

2 Responses to “Puzzle Picture Frame DIY”

  1. Caroline

    I love gallery walls too! We have a few in our house as well–and I feel like they make the house just so warm and cozy.

    I love your style. It's so original, cool and fresh.

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