Spring Into Crafty Action with These Puffy Paint Plastic Easter Eggs

I love dying eggs as much as the next crafty guy, but have you ever tried making Puffy Paint plastic Easter eggs?  You decorate these suckers one time and they are the gift that keeps on giving year after year.  So many decorative options, but I gotta tell ya I’m partial to these easy DIY daisies.

Easter basket with a garden theme

Puffy Paint on Plastic Easter Eggs

Most paint will not stick to plastic.  If you have grand ideas of painting elaborate images onto these eggs using craft paint I hate to bust your bubble.  However, puffy paint works like a dream.  It must be something in the formula that makes it magic for decorating plastic Easter eggs.  Plus most slick puffy paint comes in tubes or with fine tips making dots a dream!

But wait – here are a few other plastic Easter egg decorating ideas.  

Puffy paint is not the only crafty game in town.

DIY puffy paint floral Easter eggs

Who knew decorated plastic Easter eggs could be so cute?

Filled with candy or hanging out in a bowl for decoration these puffy paint plastic Easter eggs are seriously cute.  Sure, I know plastic is evil but you can (and will want to) use these eggs year after year.  They will be like puffy painted family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.  OK, maybe that is a bit much but they are awesome I promise.


Decorated plastic eggs that go with any Easter basket theme

What your kids Easter basket is all willy nilly with no theme.  Come on people.  If you are going to the trouble to puffy paint plastic Easter eggs with wee little flowers you can think of a fun basket theme.  

Not sure where to start?  Don’t worry, here are some ideas.

I like to remind people that gift baskets are not just for adults.  Take the eggs out of these baskets and they also make great themed gift ideas for birthday parties.

Supplies for painting plastic Easter eggs with puffy paint

Supplies for Making Puffy Paint Plastic Easter Eggs

  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Puffy Paint

I wouldn’t use Puffy Paint on real eggs that you intended to later eat.  However, if you have no plans to eat your eggs this could easily be done on dyed (or plain) eggshells as well.

Making flowers on Easter eggs using Puffy Paint

Step 1 – Make the Center Dot of the Puffy Paint Flower

These Puffy Paint flowers are ridiculously easy to make.  Like if you can paint a dot, you can make these flowers.  Start with one center dot of paint.  These flowers are simple daisies and this first step is the disk in the center.


Step 2 – Make More Dots in a Second Color 

The petals of the puffy paint flowers are made with more dots that you paint on around the center circle.  Be careful not to smear as you turn the egg and paint.

Bowl of colorful plastic Easter eggs decorated with flowers.

Step 3 – Add Leaves

Using more of a brush stroke technique make two leaves for each flower.  Allow the paint to dry overnight before filling the eggs with treats.

The flowers are as random on these puffy paint plastic Easter eggs as they are in nature.  No need to overthink placement.  A little negative space between flowers is a good thing otherwise it looks like a sea of dots.

llama themed Easter basket with Puffy Paint floral Easter eggs

Time to fill those eggs

After the paint has dried completely you can fill your eggs with small treats and toys just as the Easter bunny normally would.  These eggs are just a whole lot cuter than your average plastic egg if I do say so myself.

Be sure to also check out these 10 Clever Ideas for Decorating Faux Easter Eggs over on DIY Network.

Yellow Easter egg with red puffy paint flowers

I know you want to pass these painted eggs down through the generations and I don’t blame you.  But what about all those other options and ideas for recycling plastic Easter eggs?  You can’t puffy flowers on all of them.  Here are some other fun plastic egg up-cycle ideas.

I could go on an on here.  OK, I will… 10 (more) says to repurpose plastic Easter eggs over on DIY Network.


Puffy Paint and plastic eggs make Easter magic.  These adorable eggs look awesome in a bowl, glued to a wreath or my fave strung with yarn as a banner.  What will you do with your painted plastic Easter eggs?

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