DIY Polymer Clay Rainbow Ornaments For Your Pride Month Christmas Tree

My 10 year old daughter is obsessed with Alyssa Edwards, watching Queer Eye and praciting her James Charles make-up tricks.  That being said Pride month was not going to pass with a whisper.  Oh no we are going full blown colorful Christmas tree complete with DIY polymer clay rainbow ornaments.

Sure, I LOVE to keep my kids crafty but June is also a great time for us to talk about why pride month is so much more than her favorite Taylor Swift video.  As we made clay rainbow ornaments we discussed discrimination and why Pride month is so important.  How not so very long ago things were not as open as they are now.  I have to remind my kids from time to time that we live in a VERY liberal city.  That is why I chose to raise my children in Austin, but at the same time it is important that they know this is not always how the rest of the world sees things.  They can’t believe that their grandparents went to segregated schools, that their mom once had to go to court to testify against a bully who punched her for doing nothing more than defending her openly out friend in a small Texas town, how it’s cool Hillary got to run for president but not all that long ago she would have not been able to even vote.  No I don’t weigh little minds down with the weight of the world but I do use opportunities like clay rainbow crafts as a chance to educate. 

OK let’s make some DIY polymer clay rainbow ornaments already.

Rainbow Christmas tree with DIY polymer clay ornaments

Pride Month Christmas Tree

Full disclosure Treetopia, who I am a brand ambassador for, first asked me to decorate a Pride Month tree.  Did you see my Pride Month Wreath from last year?  Also, this Treetopia campaign is headlined by my friends The Crafty Lumberjacks.  Might I suggest checking out their episode of the Creative Queso Podcast.  How cute is their Rainbow Pride Party!

Even beyond June this adorable rainbow tree would look great at Christmas too!  As a matter of fact that same Rupal obsessed daughter of mine has requested I recreate this entire tree in her room this December.

Polymer clay rainbow ornaments

DIY Clay Rainbow Ornaments

I started with a white Christmas tree, one of my favorite blank canvases.  First I added some rainbow colored tinsel close to the inside of the tree.  Using a variety of ornaments and of course pompoms I decorated the Christmas tree in a gradient way creating a rainbow.  The best part though are the DIY polymer clay rainbow ornaments.

Rolled polymer clay snakes in rainbow colors.

Supplies for Making Polymer Clay Rainbow Ornaments

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Really though my 10 year old daughter made these!

Step 1 – Divide Oven Bake Clay Into Even Sections

Divide the clay evenly into rainbow colors.  Roll into long snake shapes.  How many snakes will depend on how many rainbow ornaments you want to make.  My daughter put Queer Eye on and went to town for hours rolling clay snakes.

Shaping clay snakes into rainbow shapes.

Step 2 – Make Clay Rainbows

Line the snakes up into ROY. G. BIV order and bend slightly into the shape of a rainbow.  Using a clay tool trim sides.  There will be excess clay you can use for another project.

Slightly press pieces together so that they will attach when baking but not flatten completely.

Baking polymer clay rainbows.

Step 3 – Oven Bake Clay Rainbows

Follow the instructions on your oven bake clay.  We placed ours on a foil lined cookie sheet before baking in the oven.

Step 4 – Coat With Glitter

Much like everything is better with pompoms (don’t worry those are coming in the next step) most things are also improved with the help of glitter.  After the clay rainbows have cooked and cooled seal them up and make them shiny with a coat of Mod Podge Mega Glitter!  Allow to dry completely.  

This step will also help make sure those rainbow arches stay together if they came apart during baking.

DIY rainbow Christmas ornament on white tree.

Step 5 – Pompom Clouds

You knew pompoms would be involved.  Add pompoms to both ends with hot glue for clouds.  Also, glue a small piece of twine on the back for hanging.

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white Christmas tree decorated with rainbow ornaments

I gotta tell ya this tree will be staying up in my game room long after pride month because who does not love rainbows.  Plus my daughter is so dang proud of the ornaments she made and who can blame her they look awesome.

White christmas tree with gradient rainbow decorations

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  1. Jodi

    I love how you said you explained things without dumping
    “ the weight of the world “ on them. Unfortunately I grew up with friends who mostly believed in making fun of people that weren’t like them. I didn’t care, I went out with a boy of different color, and also lived with two girls that were deeply in love with each other. I wonder if they married (hope so ). I like to think
    ( hope ) that maybe I helped my other friends be a bit more accepting of people that were different. This younger generation is truly lucky that they don’t have to deal with so many haters and can grow up with with people that support a persons decision on how they live their lives. Great job, as parents, I guess we did something right !


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