Pink Shelving – Check!

I’m sure everyone has been waiting with baited breath for an update on my master bedroom (yes I am being sarcastic). Chris got the walls painted Billowy Clouds and we have someone coming to measure the floors today for Pergo. Yes I am caving on the hard wood. I just can’t rationalize $2000 for one room. I know Bamboo is more green, but it is also much more prone to things like scratches from dog nails (remember I have one that is 90 pounds and another that is 70 and growing), kids tear them up more easily (I might surprise you and breed one day you never know), and other random bumps and scrapes. If this was my “forever house” I would fork over the money but for my starter home it is just not worth it to me. So anyway we are days away from wood flooring and paint is on the walls!

In the furniture department we have also made some advances. I took a trip to Ikea last week for a few basics. Let me give you a refresher course on the bedroom I am trying to emulate.

I went to Ikea and bought two matching pink bookshelves to put on either side of the bed to get a similar effect to this bedroom.

I also got matching pink dressers to put on the opposite wall to not only hold my clothing, but also to put my TV on. A girl has to have her Law and Order in bed.

I’m still not sure about what I am going to do for a headboard or in the space over the bed and between the shelves. I’m thinking of framing either my crazy quilt or making something with black and white polka dotted fabric.

Speaking of the quilt after all of this, I know longer think I am going to use the original window treatment I had in the room and was basing everything around. I think I might recover the window treatment with my new crazy quilt and give the fabric to my mother to make purses and pillows out of.

So there we are. I have already started planning out what we are going to do for the second spare bedroom as well and have started looking for just the right shade of aqua low VOC paint.

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  1. Anne-Marie

    I understand the caving on Pergo thing. We just got wood floors in our house and it was a painful expenditure (and they’re already dented and scratched! Guess it was soft wood).

  2. Average Jane Crafter

    My husband and I had the exact same conversation yesterday. We were interested in bamboo, but just way too soft for us right now.

    The pink pieces rock, and the fact that you are an L&O fan just makes me giddy. (I’m an old skool Jerry Orbach fan and I’ve got the major hots for Det. Stabler on SVU. Mmmmm … detective Stabler …)


    Can’t wait to see the

  3. Brad & Alicia

    What if you used the crazy quilt as a treatment for a padded headboard. You can make one using a solid core door, I know you can. Personally I think the polka dots could get to be a bit much but if you did them as say a contact paper like treatment inside the shelves (like designsponge) I think it would look cool.
    Maybe you should buy that Geisha painting you like and put it above the bed.

  4. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Anne-Marie, I’m sorry to hear about your floor but I have to say it makes me feel a little better about my choice. We had the guy out to measure last night so now all we have to do is find the flooring. Ikea? Lowes? Lumber Liquidators?

    Rachel I too heart Stabler. I got interviewed in Marie Claire and they quote me on that and put a little picture of Elliot in the interview 🙂

  5. Average Jane Crafter

    I got interviewed in Marie Claire and they quote me on that and put a little picture of Elliot in the interview 🙂

    Shut. up. That’s hilarious. My husband has a crush on Casey Novak, so we’ll watch and allow each other to get our TV crushes on for an hour a week. It works. But then Christopher Meloni started doing little vignettes on Noggin (kids’ tv station that we watch all the

  6. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Hey Bea the dresser is the one with the drawers in the picture. I cropped the pics and clearly the book shelves are a lot taller than the shelves in real life. I got two of the dressers to sit side by side. I’ll be sure and take a picture when it is all said and done.


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