Photo Posters – Sharing Your Halloween Pictures



I take a lot of pictures at Halloween.  Oh who am I kidding, I take a lot of pictures period.  However I go to excess for my annual Halloween party.  As I mentioned with my post about Halloween Photo Confetti, if I’m going to have all these pictures I want to be able to share them.  Photo albums are fine, but posters are better.


Photo posters are cheap and easy thanks to places like Walgreens.  I upload my photos, choose the layout and my poster is ready in an hour.  All that is left to do is swing by Target and grab a cheap plastic frame.  Isn’t my photographer Jennifer Ramos the best?!?!


I am up to 5 posters now since this will be my 6th year hosting the party.  I love each one.  I am a firm believer in the idea that your wall decor is not a forever thing.  Change out your photos, posters and art for holidays.  I do.


Five tips about photo posters …

  • 1) Do not store the posters in a hot garage or attic.  The cheap plastic frames will warp in the heat.
  • 2) Think about adding dates to your posters.  I used some scrapbooking goodies to label each of mine.
  • 3) Once I started having a proper photo op location I only include pictures of people in that spot for my posters.  The consistent background gives the collage a more unified feel.
  • 4) If your party is for children think about what is eye level to them.  I should practice what I preach on this one, but the posters are for them to enjoy just as much as the adults.  Hang the posters low enough so that everyone can enjoy.
  • 5) Photo posters are for more than just Halloween.  Do you host Thanksgiving or Christmas every year for your entire family?  Children’s birthday parties are a great time to share photos of the school year.  Sport team parties.  When they are this cheap and easy to make every occasion should be celebrated with a poster.

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