A Purrrfectly Scary DIY Black Cat Pinata for Your Halloween Party

No party is complete without a piñata and that includes a Halloween party.  As a matter of fact I’ve got 10 Creative DIY Halloween Pinatas over on the DIY Network including this fun paper-mache black cat piñata.  Don’t be intimidated by paper clay, it’s easier than you might think.  PLUS – it can be sculpted into all kinds of fun stuff like black cats for Halloween.

Halloween DIY black cat paper-mache piñata

You might think pinatas were just for kid’s parties and Cinco de Mayo, but then you would be thinking wrong.  Any time is a good time for a DIY piñata.  Sure, you could go to the store and buy one but what are the chances that they will be half this cute?  The fun of making your own paper mache piñata is that you can make it into anything you want.  Black cats for Halloween, rainbows for St. Patrick’s Day or even a pizza piñata for Valentine’s Day.  

Supplies For Paper Mache Cat Piñata by Jennifer Perkins

A Purrrfectly Scary DIY Black Cat Pinata for Your Halloween Party


Paper clay (I used Activa’s CelluClay)

Black craft paint

Mixing bowl

Warm water

Large ball or balloon


Craft foam

Hot glue and hot glue gun

Paper Mache Mix Close Up For Paper Mache Cat by Jennifer Perkins

Step 1 –  Mix Paper-Mache 

Follow manufacturers instructions for mixing the clay.  If you are using CelluClay as shown here warm water works best.  Knead with your hands until completely mixed.

Flattened Dough For Paper Mache Cat Piñata Jennifer Perkins

Step 2 – Coat Ball or Balloon With Paper-Mache

You can use big plastic balls or balloons as the form for your cat piñata.  Think about how big you want your piñata to be – this will decide how big of a balloon or ball you use.  If you decide to make your DIY piñata big I recommend a ball as it will hold it’s shape better (and longer) while being coating.  There is always the risk of your balloon popping or deflating before the paper-mache is dry.

Rolled Dough For Paper Mache Cat Piñata by Jennifer Perkins

Step 3 – Allow Paper Clay Piñata to Harden

Once the entire balloon or ball is covered in paper-mache allow to harden 24-48 hours depending on the humidity.  How thick you get the paper clay will depend on how long it takes to dry.

Paper Mache Dough Cut For Cat Piñata by Jennifer Perkins

Step 4 – Cut a Hole and Pop Ball or Balloon 

When the paper-mache has dried completely make a small hole in what will be the back of the black cat’s head.  Use a pen to mark the hole and cut out with a knife.  If your balloon or ball has not already popped, use your knife to release the air and remove.  The hole will be where you put the candy inside.

Close Up Of Black Paint On Paper Mache Cat Piñata by Jennifer Perkins

Step 5 – Paint The Piñata Black

Use craft paint and a sponge brush to paint the piñata.  This may take a couple of coats to get your black cat really black.

Twine Rope Into Paper Mache Cat Piñata by Jennifer Perkins

Step 6 – Hanging the Black Cat Pinata

Make a small hole in the top of the piñata.  Run yarn or rope through the hole, making sure there is a large knot inside so that it does not pull through. Glue around the hole inside and outside for extra stability.

Cut Out Paper Cat Face For Paper Mache Cat Piñata by Jennifer Perkins

Step 7 – Give the Black Cat Features

Using craft foam cut out eyes, a mouth, nostrils, whiskers and two ears.  How scary, silly or cute your DIY black cat piñata looks is completely up to you.  You can also use construction paper for this part, pipe cleaners for whiskers or even googly eyes.  There is no right or wrong way to decorate your Halloween piñata.

Finished Paper Mache Cat Piñata by Jennifer Perkins

Nobody says you have to actually hit your new black cat piñata, you did after all work really hard to make it.  Perhaps it could just be a black cat Halloween party decoration you hang year after year.

Child hitting a paper-mache Halloween piñata that looks like a black cat.

If you do decide to let the kids whack the piñata fill the hole you cut into the back with candy.  Might I recommend some of these smaller Fun Candy Free Halloween Ideas for Trick-or-Treaters.  After that glue or tape a piece of black construction paper over the hole.  Hang your black cat piñata from a tree and let the kids go crazy!

How to make a Halloween piñata with a scaredy cat face.

So why not make a piñata part of your family’s Halloween tradition this year.  Once you have the hang of how to make pinatas you can whip one up for almost any occasion!  Big, small or even a DIY mini piñata made from paper plates!


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  1. Paula

    Your pinata is adorable! It’s vintage look really caught my eye and if it were mine, I’d have a hard time breaking it. I’m featuring your project Friday evening for this week’s Best of the Weekend party.


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