Feb 01, 2018

A Christmas Tree For All Seasons Including Mardi Gras

Yellow tree decorated for Mardi Gras by Jennifer Perkins
Do you still call it a Christmas tree even when you decorate it for Mardi Gras?  This may be one of life’s greatest mysteries.  I’m going with yes.  Make that a YASSSS, because ya know look at that spiffy tree…
Jan 29, 2018

Bath in Luxury With These (easy) DIY Rose Petal Bath Bombs

How to make DIY bath bombs with rose petals by Jennifer Perkins
Treat yo’ self as the saying goes.  Self care was at the top of so many resolution lists, if it was on yours clearly you need to know how to make DIY bath bombs.  Not just any bath tub fizzie…
Jan 06, 2018

King Cake Ornaments Perfect For Your Mardi Gras Tree

DIY clay King Cake ornaments for a Mardi Gras tree by Jennifer Perkins
It’s King Cake season, today is Three Kings Day as a matter of fact.  That means Mardi Gras is on the horizon and it is time to start thinking in gold, green and purple.  Planning to decorate a Mardi Gras…
Jan 04, 2018

Christmas Decoration Storage Hacks, Tips and Tricks from a Pro

Christmas tree storage hacks, tips and tricks from Jennifer Perkins
When you have over 100 Christmas trees you become a self appointed pro of holiday storage.  You guys have seen how I do Halloween, Easter even St. Patrick’s Day – the key to being a holiday hoarder is organization.  That…
Jan 01, 2018

Happy New Year – Celebrate With a DIY Wreath

Wreath of the Month Club - DIY New Year's Wreath by Jennifer Perkins
Happy New Year!  I thought we would ring in 2018 with a DIY wreath covered in left over Christmas decorations (and a clearance Christmas wreath) that will last you through the entire month of January!  Here it is my New…
Dec 29, 2017

QUICK! Change Your Christmas Tree Into a New Year’s Tree!

Quick and easy ways to turn your Christmas tree into a New Year's Eve tree by Jennifer Perkins
Do you start putting away your Christmas decorations before or after New Year’s Eve?  In my case I rearrange my Christmas decorations to be New Year’s Eve decorations!  I’m not saying redecorate the entire house but with a few strategic…
Dec 17, 2017

Creative and Colorful Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond

Use a kid's artwork on Shrinky Dinks to create custom gift tags by Jennifer Perkins
I just bought my last Christmas gift and it feels so good to be done with all my shopping!  All that is left to do is wrap everything and honestly I kinda like that part.  There are so many fun…