Oct 04, 2017

10 Candy Corn Inspired Ideas to Satisfy Your Halloween Sweet Tooth

How to make a DIY candy corn piñata by Jennifer Perkins
There are few things that epitomize Halloween more than the candy corn.  Those three colors together – orange, yellow and white – instantly make you think of everyone’s favorite Halloween treat.  Not just for eating, this color combo is great…
Oct 03, 2017

How to Decorate a Halloween Tree with a Teal Pumpkin Theme

Jennifer Perkins and her Teal Pumpkin themed Halloween tree.
Here I am just leisurely posing with one of my many Halloween trees and my co-worker Bri the cat.  This is not just any old Halloween tree, this is a Halloween tree dedicated entirely to the Teal Pumpkin Project.  Have…
Oct 02, 2017

Halloween Glitter Slime Party for Kids

Elmer's Halloween Slime kit.
You know what the perfect prop for an October sleepover is – Halloween Slime Kits from Elmer’s Glue. (Please note this post has affiliate links).  Seriously, when Elmer’s sent me these kits their timing could not be better as my…
Oct 01, 2017

Stenciled DIY Halloween Monster Ornaments

Colorful felt classic monster ornaments for a Halloween tree by Jennifer Perkins
It is almost time for Halloween and that means time to do the Monster Mash.  Not much of a dancer?  Don’t worry I’m not either, but I do have this thing for crafts.   Let’s show our monster love with…
Sep 28, 2017

5 Frighteningly Fun Halloween Count Down Calendar Ideas

Halloween count down calendar made from goodie bags by Jennifer Perkins
Quick October 1st is coming – get that Halloween count down calendar ready!  Christmas has an advent, Hanukkah gets a menorah it only seems right that Halloween has something of it’s very own.  No need to get complicated, all you…
Sep 08, 2017

20 Creative Halloween Party Tables & Treats

Lavish colorful Halloween treat table by Jennifer Perkins
How do you decorate a creative Halloween themed vignette and food table for parties and photo shoots?  You’re in luck, I happen to have a wee bit of experience in the matter.  Ok a lot of experience.  I love decorating…
Sep 04, 2017

Easy DIY Shibori Techniques and Ideas

Easy DIY Shibori dyed onesie by Jennifer Perkins
Shibori is kinda like tie-dye, but all blue.  Navy blue to exact.  Shibori is a Japanese dying technique where the designs are made on the fabric with various folding patterns.  Several of the patterns also use what is known as…