May 23, 2018

San Antonio Has a LOT More To See and Do Than Just The Alamo

Take the kids to visit The Alamo.
The first thing people think of when they hear about San Antonio, Texas is The Alamo.  Possibly Pee Wee Herman and Ozzy Osbourne too, but I digress.  Sure The Alamo is awesome and you should totally visit but I’ve got…
May 22, 2018

Collecting & Styling Colorful Vintage Glass PLUS a DIY To Make Your Own

Vintage midcentury shadowbox and Italian glass collection by Jennifer Perkins
My collection of colorful vintage glass vases happened by accident.  I would inherit a Viking Glass vase here, be gifted a tall Italian glass genie bottle there and one of my first collections as an adult were Murano glass ashtrays.…
May 07, 2018

10 Kitschy and Crafty DIY Toy Dinosaur Ideas For Kids and Adults

Toy dinosaurs are a craft project waiting to happen.  Whether you paint your DIY dinosaur and strap a gift to his back or convert your T-Rex into a DIY succulent planter – those prehistoric plastic dudes are cute and handy.…
May 02, 2018

10 Minute Pipe Cleaner Tiara Crown – A DIY Fit for a Royal Wedding

Pipe cleaner tiaras perfect for the royal wedding by Jennifer Perkins
Whether you plan to watch the royal wedding in themed style, have a pint sized princess in your life or want to plan ahead for New Year’s Eve – you will love this DIY pipe cleaner tiara crown.  Plus this…
Apr 26, 2018

Bring the Boho Vibes With These Handmade Rope Bowls

Easy DIY Neon Coiled Rope Baskets
Trendy boho rope bowls are everywhere and for good reason, they are adorable.  Guess what?  You can make your own DIY rope baskets in no time.  Coiled cotton rope wrapped in neon yarn with pompoms for good measure – handmade…
Apr 23, 2018

Kitschy and Quick Terrariums with DIY Succulents Made From Foam

Add aquarium gravel to the glass globe terrarium as well as DIY succulent and figurine. - Jennifer Perkins
Like everyone else these days I am a full fledged terrarium obsessed plant lady.  However, one can only afford so many succulents and air plants.  Did I mention the part about my thumb being a little brown?  All things considered…
Apr 16, 2018

Dyed Popsicle Stick Tramp Art Planter

Tramp Art Popsicle Stick Planter
Spring is in the air and that means it’s time to start thinking green thumb thoughts.  Not just what will you plant, but what kinds of DIY planters will you make to put those plants in!  Lucky for you I’ve…