Feb 24, 2019

Adorable Rainbows and Clouds DIY Felt Collar

diy rainbow collar with clouds made of felt
Is it a necklace, a scarf or just your new favorite neck accessory?  It does not matter what you call this DIY felt collar, because either way it is rainbow-rific and adorable.  Isn’t everything involving rainbows and felt crafts?  I…
Feb 11, 2019

Love in All Colors – Black Valentine’s Day Wreath

Black wreath with hand painted hearts by Jennifer Perkins Art
Another year, another Valentine’s Day wreath – or is it?  I am so excited to show you my Black Valentine’s Day wreath!  I know black wreaths are not usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think about…
Feb 08, 2019

WAIT – Don’t put that Christmas tree away, decorate a Valentine’s Day Tree

Red and White Christmas tree decorated for Valentine's Day
Did you really think I was going to let Valentine’s Day slip by without decorating a tree?  Come on.  You know me better than that.  This year my Valentine tree is a red and white striped dream with pops of…
Feb 07, 2019

Last Minute Creative Gift Ideas for Your Crafty Valentine

Flow Magazine
So here it is. The week before Valentine’s and your beloved hates chocolates but loves hot glue.  What about this summer and it is the night before you best friends big birthday and you never got around to making that handmade…
Feb 01, 2019

Clever Ideas for Valentine’s Day Wreaths & Trees

Pink Valentine's Day wreath covered in kitschy toys and trinkets by Jennifer Perkins
It’s that time – wreath and trees of the month club!  It’s February so OBVIOUSLY this post is all about Valentine’s Day.  I’ve decorated my fair share of Valentine’s Day wreaths and trees, but I wanted to share some fun…
Jan 29, 2019

A Yummy DIY Taco Crafts Round-Up

no sew felt taco pillow
Why am I sharing 5 adorable taco crafts with you today?  Well to celebrate the latest episode of the Creative Queso podcast.  It’s an interview with the two side hustlers and a microphone behind the Sew Taco podcast.  Clearly sharing…
Jan 24, 2019

Party Perfect Rams or Patriots Themed Super Bowl Christmas Tree

Rams themed yellow Christmas tree for the Super Bowl 2019
Who will you be rooting for this Super Bowl?  Are you on team Rams or Patriots?  The more important question is do you have your themed Super Bowl Christmas Tree set up? This is a sponsored post from Treetopia, but…