Oct 22, 2017

Make a Halloween Spiderweb Light Up Jack-o-Lantern

How to turn a pumpkin into a Halloween spiderweb light with a doily by Jennifer Perkins
Ever notice how during Halloween doilies start to look a lot like spiderwebs?  I noticed it so much that I created a post for DIY Network called 10 Creative Ways to Use Doilies and Lace for Halloween Decor.  One of…
Oct 20, 2017

Craft Some Creepy Cobra Snake Ornaments for Your Halloween Tree

Halloween tree with hand painted ornaments by Jennifer Perkins
Did you know you can squirt hot glue into silicone molds for some DIY fun?  Not just that green hot glue and snake molds.  Talk about the start of an amazing Halloween tree ornament. The folks at Plaid sent me…
Oct 19, 2017

Try and Guess What These DIY Vampire Fang Piñatas Are Made From!

DIY Fang Paper Plate Piñata by Jennifer Perkins
Piñatas make every party (and holiday) better including Halloween.  What’s even better than that is a DIY vampire fang piñata.  Not all piñatas have to get hit with a stick.  These cuties are single serve and wait until you find…
Oct 18, 2017

Bring the Green to Halloween With These DIY Macrame Pumpkin Planter Ideas

Hanging spider web pumpkin planter by Vickie Howell
Just because it’s Halloween and everyone is talking about the un-dead that does not mean you can’t bring some  green life into your spooky decor.  Keep up those summer plant love vibes with these adorable macrame Halloween hanging basket ideas.…
Oct 16, 2017

Halloween Crafts with the Kids – DIY Monster Planters

DIY Monster planter for Halloween
Is it weird that not only do I change out my decorations with the Halloween I also change out my planters?  Wait – don’t answer that.  In my defense why wouldn’t you?  Plus, this one is so cute and so…
Oct 15, 2017

No Halloween Tree is Complete Without DIY Black Cat Ornaments

Black Cat Ornament DIY for a Halloween Tree by Jennifer Perkins
One of my favorite things about decorating a tree for Halloween is that it gives me an excuse to create a big batch of DIY ornaments.  I mean who are we kidding, it’s not like I really need an excuse…
Oct 13, 2017

What’s Better Than One Ombre Halloween Tree? Two Ombre Halloween Trees.

I wear a lot of hats.  One of them is brand ambassador for a Christmas tree company.  Talk about a dream job.  You would think that means Christmas, Christmas, Christmas but actually I have over 15 Halloween trees up around…