Nov 01, 2020

Thank You For Being a Virtual Friend – Golden Girls Zoom Happy Hour

Party props
Raise your hand if you miss your friends, happy hours, playdates – all the things.  These days virtual hang outs are about as good as it gets and sometimes with my girls that’s golden. Please note this post is sponsored…
Sep 24, 2020

Creepy Clowns, Haunted Halloween Carnival Trees and DIY Ornaments!

Creepy clown and carnival themed rainbow Halloween tree.
There is something eerie about clowns. Even if they don’t normally scare you, when it comes to Halloween, those painted faces meant to make you smile can instead make you want to hide! Add in a creepy carnival vibe and…
Aug 18, 2020

Back to (Virtual) School DIY Clay Headphone Holder

Clay Pencil Headphone Holder
Back to school time is here and though many of us are sending our kids back virtually as opposed to in person they still need school supplies.  A new addition to that list are headphones.  Zoom calls are the new…
Aug 11, 2020

Hosting a Virtual Bob Ross Painting Party

Kid painting dressed as Bob Ross
Parties and social gatherings are far and few between these days which for kids can be hard.  For tweens apparently it is the end of the world.  Thank goodness for FaceTime, Zoom and Google Hangouts but even those after awhile…
Mar 11, 2020

Let’s Party With Some Paper Bag Stars

Red star shaped party decoration made from paper bags.
Finding the perfect party decorations can sometimes be tricky business.  Take it from me I’ve thrown lumberjack themed birthday parties, decorated Christmas trees for Record Store Day and even had a Game of Thrones Viewing Shin-Dig.  That being said I…
Mar 03, 2020

Who Wants To Win $100 Worth of Craft Supplies?

Give away for craft supplies
Have you pre-ordered your copy of Easy Arts and Crafts For Kids: 50 Fun Projects to Make, Wear and Share yet?  My new book comes out on March 24th BUT if you get that pre-order in you could win $100…
Feb 19, 2020

Fruit Inspired Tin Foil Art For Kids

Foil and fruit are a match made in crafty heaven!  I am so excited to share a project with you from my new book Easy Arts and Crafts for Kids: 50 Fun Projects to Make, Share and Wear and yup…