Dec 11, 2020

Say Thank You For a Being a Friend With These Easy DIY Golden Girls Christmas Ornaments

Golden Girls themed pink Christmas tree.
Think it’s too late to say ‘thank you for being a friend’ with a handmade gift this Christmas?  Think again.  You can whip up a set of these easy DIY decoupage Golden Girls ornaments in an evening.  Go ahead and…
Dec 03, 2020

Decorating for Kitschmas With Vintage Toys

Using vintage toys to decorate for Christmas.
Everyone has that sentimental attachment to vintage toys from their youth.  I can still smell Strawberry Shortcake blowing me kisses and excitement of getting a fresh box of crayons.  Why not take a trip down memory lane one Christmas by…
Nov 25, 2020

Vintage Tin Kitschmas Dioramas – AKA Your New Favorite Craft

Kitschy Christmas diorama in a vintage talcum tin.
The only thing I love more than pompoms are dioramas – make that a Kitschmas diorama in a vintage tin with pompoms and I’m in hog heaven.  The types of crafts where you can just endlessly sit gluing stuff to…
Nov 23, 2020

Kitschmas Collectible – Vintage Tree Toppers

Colorful vintage glass bottles displaying Christmas tree toppers.
News flash: vintage Christmas tree toppers do not in fact have to be placed on top of trees.  Crazy I know!  They look great displayed in vintage glass genie bottles, atop mini bottle brush trees or stuffed into seasonal mugs.…
Nov 23, 2020

Deck the Halls With Rainbows!

Kitschmas tree in rainbow colors by Jennifer Perkins.
Get on board the rainbow Christmas tree train people, it’s a fun ride.  Green trees are great and all but the world gave us obnoxious multicolored faux Christmas trees for a reason.  Last time I checked the holidays were about…
Nov 01, 2020

Thank You For Being a Virtual Friend – Golden Girls Zoom Happy Hour

Party props
Raise your hand if you miss your friends, happy hours, playdates – all the things.  These days virtual hang outs are about as good as it gets and sometimes with my girls that’s golden. Please note this post is sponsored…
Sep 24, 2020

Creepy Clowns, Haunted Halloween Carnival Trees and DIY Ornaments!

Creepy clown and carnival themed rainbow Halloween tree.
There is something eerie about clowns. Even if they don’t normally scare you, when it comes to Halloween, those painted faces meant to make you smile can instead make you want to hide! Add in a creepy carnival vibe and…