Jul 24, 2018

Create More Outdoor Seating With a DIY Cinderblock Bench

DIY patio bench made from blocks.
Like most of us that love entertaining I was in the market for some extra outdoor seating.  I of course decided to make my own and this spiffy new DIY cinderblock bench was born.  I had a ton of bricks…
Jul 19, 2018

DIY Drip Cake Ice Cream Cone Ornaments That Look Good Enough to Eat

Ice cream cone ornament boxes that look like they are melting.
DIY ice cream cone ornaments are always a good idea whether it’s July or Christmas.  Take it from me, I know from experience.  Like everyone else on Pinterest I became obsessed with adorable ice cream drip cakes.  Not to actually…
Jul 13, 2018

ISpy Image Blog Hop – 5 Bloggers, 5 Images, a Whole Lotta Fun!

Find and seek flat lay of rainbow colored vintage toys.
I am so stinkin’ excited to tell you guys about this new Ispy project I am a part of.  Yup, Ispy.  As in search in find, Where’s Waldo and all the other names your favorite childhood game goes by.  This…
Jul 12, 2018

Colorful and Crafty Embroidery Hoop Wall Pockets

Wall pockets full of highlighters made from embroidery hoops and plastic canvas.
Have you been staring at your cluttered work space thinking deep thoughts about how to make embroidery hoop wall pockets?  Ya, me too.  So much so that I have now made two versions of these EASY fabric pocket organizers.  A…
Jul 10, 2018

How to Make Personalized DIY Snow Globes For A Summer Travel Themed Tree

Tree with DIY snow globe ornaments made from vintage postcards.
Does it surprise you that I have a Christmas tree up in July?  It shouldn’t.  Christmas in July is here again!  I’m helping Treetopia celebrate their Summer Spree blog hop with a road trip themed travel-tastic tree – complete with…
Jul 02, 2018

4th of July Christmas Tree With DIY Nautical Decorations

DIY decorations for a white 4th of July Christmas tree by Jennifer Perkins
Some people take the term ‘Christmas in July’ more serious than others.  I’m one of those people and I’ve got the 4th of July Christmas tree to prove it.  If you keep a Christmas tree up all year long try…
Jun 30, 2018

Red, White and Blue 4th of July Fireworks DIY Sharpie Shoes

How to make a pair of shoes look red, white and blue tie-dyed with sharpie markers.
Nothing says America like red, white and blue tie-dye.  Get the look head to toe with these fun (and easy) DIY sharpie shoes.  Yup, as in the permanent markers.  Who knew you could dye canvas shoes with just markers and…