Jun 14, 2018

No Freezing Required – DIY Bomb Pop Chalk Popsicles

Chalk popsicles in red, white and blue for 4th of July craft.
Nothing says summer like a popsicle.  What if that popsicle was actually DIY chalk?  Summer mind blown right?  They look cute enough to eat, but I recommend crafting instead.  These DIY bomb pop chalk popsicles are so easy to make…
Jun 06, 2018

5 Books to Keep You Creative & Learning To Draw Pool Side This Summer

Draw your beautiful ordinary life from Flow
Is learning to draw on your summer bucket list?  Maybe un-plugging a bit more and getting in touch with your creative side.  I’ve gathered a few of my favorite books about drawing that are perfect prompts and guides for getting…
Jun 04, 2018

Hawaiian Shirt Onesie How-To Complete with Flower Lei

Just because you can’t afford to take your family to Hawaii this summer does not mean you can’t dress like you took a deluxe vacation.  Get that fresh off the plane look for your kids with this adorable DIY Hawaiian…
May 30, 2018

Yay for a Year Round Yellow Christmas Tree

Yellow Christmas tree decorated to look like a giant pineapple.
Ever wanted to keep a Christmas tree up year round?  No one ever said that tree had to be green.  Might I suggest decorating a yellow Christmas tree.  Perfect for summer (think pineapple), fall, Mother’s Day and yes of course…
May 29, 2018

Retro Flower Looms Give Bags a Groovy Summer Makeover

Embellish a ready made purse with DIY raffia flowers by Jennifer Perkins
Have you started thinking about that perfect summer bag to take on vacation?  Ya know the colorful clutch that will match your swim suit cover-up?  Be the bell of the beach ball when you upgrade your ready made bags with…
May 24, 2018

The Kind of DIY Cake Stand Terrarium That Kitschy Dreams Are Made Of

How to turn a cake stand into a DIY terrarium by Jennifer Perkins
I’ve converted a lot of random things into planters and terrariums in my life (candle holders, drink pitchers, bird cages).  Almost anything with a glass top (cake stand included) can become a DIY terrarium when you really start to think…
May 23, 2018

San Antonio Has a LOT More To See and Do Than Just The Alamo

Take the kids to visit The Alamo.
The first thing people think of when they hear about San Antonio, Texas is The Alamo.  Possibly Pee Wee Herman and Ozzy Osbourne too, but I digress.  Sure The Alamo is awesome and you should totally visit but I’ve got…