Sep 08, 2017

20 Creative Halloween Party Tables & Treats

Lavish colorful Halloween treat table by Jennifer Perkins
How do you decorate a creative Halloween themed vignette and food table for parties and photo shoots?  You’re in luck, I happen to have a wee bit of experience in the matter.  Ok a lot of experience.  I love decorating…
Sep 04, 2017

Easy DIY Shibori Techniques and Ideas

Easy DIY Shibori dyed onesie by Jennifer Perkins
Shibori is kinda like tie-dye, but all blue.  Navy blue to exact.  Shibori is a Japanese dying technique where the designs are made on the fabric with various folding patterns.  Several of the patterns also use what is known as…
Aug 28, 2017

DIY Painted Rock Paper Dolls

DIY rock paper dolls by Jennifer Perkins
Rock painting is kinda a big deal.  Have you heard?  People are painting rocks, hiding rocks, giving rocks as gifts, weighing down paper with rocks and more.  Check out my post on HGTV called 5 Clever Rock Painting Ideas.  I’m…
Aug 13, 2017

Put Some Pep Into Your Back to School Step With These DIY Shoe Ideas

DIY glitter pencil shoes by Jennifer Perkins
Headed back to school soon?  You need the right shoes for the job.  Put some pep in a teacher or students step with these DIY Back to School Shoes.  I’ve got 3.5 crafty footwear options to choose from: lace-up canvas…
Aug 10, 2017

Eclectic is an Understatement – A Video Tour of Jennifer Perkins Colorful Austin Home

Hey guess what I did a video home tour!  Sure, you’ve seen my house before but usually it’s decorated for Halloween, Christmas or Easter.  People often ask me if my house is all holiday all the time and I wanted…
Aug 06, 2017

How to Decorate an Orange Christmas Tree for 5 Different Holidays!

Orange tree for Halloween by Jennifer Perkins
I know what your thinking: how does one decorate an orange Christmas tree (and why)?  Well for starters it does not have to be just for Christmas I’ve decorated an orange tree for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and yes Christmas.  So…
Jul 28, 2017

5 Easy (and Adorable) DIY Placemat Purses

DIY placemat purse by Jennifer Perkins
Looking for the perfect summer purse but can’t quite find what you are looking for?  Did you think about checking the table linens aisle?  No really.  Don’t underestimate the cute and easy power of a DIY placemat purse.  These clever…