Once Upon a Colorful Canvas – A Playful Plan For Learning to Paint

You know those artists that came somehow make random patterns and colors look as if they were always meant to be together?  Kindah Khlidy is one of those people.  I have been a fan of her work since I once bought a package of stationary and her papers full of organic shapes and bold colors made my heart go pitter patter.  When Rockport Publishers asked me if I wanted a copy of her book Once Upon a Colorful Canvas: A Playful Plan for Learning to Paint I couldn’t say yes fast enough.  Please note this post contains affiliate links.
Once Upon a Colorful Canvas book.
Not only is Once Upon a Colorful Canvas: A Playful Plan for Learning to Paint an instruction book with thoughts on where to find inspiration and techniques there are two square canvases inside.  A complete kit for any artists on your list (including yourself).
Kindah Khalidy repeating hearts pattern.
A painter and textile designer by trade Kindah Khalidy has been featured by Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens, Nylon and more.  She has worked not only with several publications but has also created patterns in collaborations with several brands and stores.  Her work translates well to so many mediums and Once Upon a Canvas encourages the reader to do the same – try new mediums.  A Playful Plan for Learning to Paint includes projects like Drawing With Paper and encourages the reader to experiment beyond canvas with wood, fabrics and even one of my preferred Jennifer Perkins Art substrates – cardboard.
A playful plan for learning to paint.
Kindah introduces the reader to several different principles of painting and exercises so that aspiring artists can stretch their wings in different directions to see which works best. You can play with abstraction, try and old school selfie or make a mark with lettering.  As most artists will tell you paint everyday, not all of it will be good, but paint anyway.  With Once Upon a Canvas you will be inspired even on the days when you don’t feel like lifting your brush, gel pen or colored pencil.
Explore repetition with watercolor strawberry paintings.
If you are hoping to lean how to paint an extremely realistic still life or an oil portrait of a guy with a beard to rival Rembrandt this may not be the book for you.  If however you want to explore organic repetition painting watercolor strawberries proceed immediately to Amazon and grab a copy of Once Upon a Colorful Canvas: A Playful Plan for Learning to Paint.
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