Not Your Typical Bridesmaids Bouquet

When my sister told me I could make my own bridesmaid bouquet it made the idea of a hot pink strapless dress seem that much easier.  Not only could I turn this bouquet into a DIY project I was also allowed to make it colorful.  Really colorful.  Got your own eclectic wedding on the agenda?  Let me tell you how I crafted my own not so typical kitschy and whimsical bridesmaid bouquet.

The perfect colorful DIY colorful plastic flower bouquet for an eclectic wedding by Jennifer Perkins
I should mention that my sister also carried a DIY bouquet at the wedding.  Her bouquet was full of new and vintage rhinestone jewelry.  A little more classy than my plastic petals, but also handmade and fabulous.  We are just not live flower kinda girls I guess.  Supplies for making your own DIY bridesmaid bouquet.


  • Bouquet Form
  • Foam Glue
  • Craft Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Plastic Flower Petals
  • Head Pins
  • Small Beads

How to stack vintage plastic flower petals for a floral bridesmaid bouquet.
You can find foam bouquet forms online or in the wedding section of many craft stores.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  It takes a lot of flowers to fill a bouquet form. My petals are vintage from my jewelry making days, but you can find new versions online.  Also, check the paper craft department for fun and funky floral options.

Each of my flowers are 2-3 stacked petals with a small bead in the center on a jewelry headpin.  Make sure the bead hole is smaller than the headpin so it does not slide off.

Attach plastic flowers to foam bouquet form with foam glue.
Insert the pins into the foam with a dab of foam glue.  Hot glue will also work.  This just makes sure all the colorful flowers in the bouquet stay in place.  You could also mix silk flower petals in with the plastic flowers for a more textured bouquet.  You could even add in real flowers.

Craft a colorful handmade bridesmaid bouquet from vintage plastic flower parts by Jennifer Perkins

If you like the plain handle that comes with a craft store bouquet form, more power to you.  I however opted to wrap mine in fabric to match said hot pink bridesmaid dress.

iHow to DIY your own colorful bridesmaid bouquet for that not so typical eclectic wedding by Jennifer Perkins

The best part about this crafty and colorful bridesmaid bouquet is that my sister years later still has it displayed in her house in a vase.  It is too kitschy and fun to hide away in a box somewhere.  That reminds me, I kinda want to make my own for a vase.  Would you carry a bouquet like this to your wedding?


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*Please note the very talented Cory Ryan took the photographs of my finished bouquet*


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  1. Lyssa

    I have been looking for something like this for my own wedding. This is the first one that matched my brightly-colored personalty 🙂 thanks!!

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