Kitschy No-Sew Halloween Tree Skirt

If you are going to go through all the trouble to decorate a Halloween tree, shouldn’t you take that extra step and also make a DIY no-sew Halloween tree skirt?  Yes, yes and yes.  This adorable kitschy felt tree skirt is so fun and just what my Halloween Christmas tree needed.

Lemme show you how I made this cutie so you can make your own!  Grab some felt and let’s do this!

Black Christmas tree decorated with vintage collectibles.

Kitschy No-Sew Halloween Tree Skirt

Nothing says Halloween like a spooky black tree covered in giant candy corns, spooky retro monster masks and vintage Halloween honeycomb spiders.  These vintage Beistle spiders were the inspiration for my no-sew Halloween tree skirt.  I loved their silly faces and teal colors.  I wanted to carry this groovy spider theme into my DIY felt tree skirt.


Supplies for a Felt No-Sew Halloween Tree Skirt

  • 2 Yards of black felt
  • 1 Yard white craft felt
  • Craft felt sheets in teal, orange, green and pink
  • Puffy paint
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors

parts of a felt Halloween spider appliqué

Create the Felt Spider Applique

Start by cutting out the shape of the spider in black.  This will act as the base.  From there add as much or as little designs in felt as your want.  It should come as no big surprise that I wanted my Halloween tree skirt colorful (nobody said you had to stick with orange and black).

Give your spider fangs, 8 eyes, polka dots or stripes – it’s your spider tree skirt.  Go crazy girl.  Use craft glue (or hot glue) to attach the pieces.  Add even more detail with Puffy paint.

How to make a felt spider and web no-sew tree skirt for Halloween.

Making the Halloween Tree Skirt

To make the tree skirt cut out a large circle from the black felt.  The size of your circle will depend on the size of your Halloween tree.  Cut a slit in one side of the circle so that you can wrap the skirt around the base of your tree.  Add a scalloped edge like I did if you are feeling really spicy.

Tip: Want to add some glittered fabric, sequins and rhinestones to your Halloween tree skirt?  Check out my no-sew vintage inspired felt Christmas tree skirt on DIY Network.

Strips of white felt were added to give the appearance of a spider web.  Did I mention this entire thing is no-sew.  Yup.  If you can cut and glue, you can make a tree skirt.  Check out the Christmas Tree Skirt I made.  Also entirely no sew.

Black Halloween tree lit up with spiders, pumpkins and masks

Add the Spiderweb to the Tree Skirt

Cut strips of white felt.  How many and how long will depend on the size of the Halloween tree skirt you made.  Using craft glue first attach several longer strips going from the center to the edge.  Next add shorter strips of felt in-between those sections to create the spider web effect on your tree skirt.

Tip: Want more no-sew tree skirt inspiration?  Check out my DIY Kitschmas tree skirt.

Spider appliqué skirt for a Halloween tree.

Put the Spider on the Web

Using craft glue attach your spider on top of the spider web Halloween tree skirt.  How cute is that sucker?  Admit it you’re going to make one for all your Halloween trees now aren’t you.  Ya, that was trees plural.  Why stop with one Halloween tree and one Halloween tree skirt when you could have a whole forest!

Felt tree skirt for a Halloween tree with a spider appliqué

I’m thinking of making a new one this year with the theme of my vintage Halloween mask collection.  Applique monster face tree skirt – I can see it now!



Want more Halloween spider inspiration?  Keep reading!

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