Happy New Year – Celebrate With a DIY Wreath

Happy New Year!  I thought we would ring in 2018 with a DIY wreath covered in left over Christmas decorations (and a clearance Christmas wreath) that will last you through the entire month of January!  Here it is my New Year’s wreath! Plus notice how I did not include the date on this wreath (like I did on this one) that way you can use this wreath for every January to come, not just this one.

New Year's Eve Wreath by Jennifer Perkins

Speaking of January, I’m thinking of starting something new here on the blog – a wreath of the month club.  What are your thoughts?  Like the first of every month I’ll share a new and exciting wreath idea.  Maybe they are super holiday related, maybe they are not.  I’m pretty set as I already have one for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween and more. I’ve got the best idea for a Leo the Lion wreath (maybe tree) so I kinda can’t wait for August.  Did I mention I even have a Pinterest Board all about Wreaths? BUT, I’m jumping ahead.  Let’s talk New Year’s Eve wreaths.

Use clearance Christmas decorations to make a New Years Eve Wreath - Jennifer Perkins

One of the best parts about this wreath is it was cheap, cheap, cheap to make.  If you hit the after Christmas sales like me you can score all kinds of fun stuff.  I realize today is a little late for this adventure, but plan ahead for after Valentine’s when you can find fun stuff to save for next year.  (Affiliate links ahead – not exactly the same things I used, but close) This silver grapevine wreath was half off and pre-lit!  The letters that spell Happy New Year are from the scrapbook department.  The ornaments and star tree topper are left over Christmas decorations I had.  All you need is metallic color palette and a hot glue gun and you are ready to go.  Other fun items to include might be NYE party favors, if you can find things like vintage tin noise makers – better yet!

See my New Years Wreath turn on and off and get some more details on how I assembled the whole thing here on this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins.  Plus you can see how I turned my Christmas tree in a New Year’s Eve tree.  HELLO – avoid putting away decorations a little while longer!

Wreath of the Month Club - DIY New Year's Wreath by Jennifer Perkins

I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and today while you are eating your black eyed peas perhaps you will consider making your own New Year’s Wreath!  Tell me your thoughts on the Wreath of the Month Club idea.  I think it could be kinda fun.


Want more wreath inspiration?  Keep reading…

Hot pink wreath full of pompoms.

Hot Pink Pompom Wreath – I love this wreath so hard.  It took me forever and a day to make all those pompoms but man was it worth it.

DIY This With Jennifer Perkins Yarn Wrapped Wreath – This wreath has a fall vibe, but you could easily use the same concept for any holiday or time of the year.

How to make a boho snowman wreath.

Boho Snowman Wreath – Another perfect winter wreath idea is this snow woman wreath made with doilies.  It’s like a dreamcatcher and wreath combo.



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  1. Kristie

    Just dropping in from the Snickerdoodle Create Bake Make Link Party. I think a monthly wreath party/challenge sounds great. Sign me up!


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