New Year’s Resolution – Get the Kid’s Crafting

I hope Santa was good to everyone. Around here we are up to our ears with blocks, pirates, puzzles and more. Santa also replenished the kids craft stash. Using a holiday or a birthday as an excuse to load the kids up with craft supplies is always one of my favorite ploys. Just because Christmas is over does not mean you are too late on this gift idea. Spend the money Aunt Gertrude sent on a slew of paint and glue and make it your New Year’s Resolution to get your kids crafting.

Looking for a little inspiration? Here is a list of what Santa brought my kids….


Finger Paints

Paint Dot Markers

Glitter Poster Paint

Neon Poster Paint

Pack of Paint Brushes (be sure to include round sponge brushes and a roller brush)


Crayon Rings

Plain Markers

Plain Crayons

Window Markers

Colored Pencils

Scented Markers

Fabric Markers


Small canvases

Wooden Frames

Paint with water books

Jumbo sized coloring books

Blank canvas tote bag


Toddler Scissors

Array of foam stamps

Scented stamp pads

Stickers (TONS of stickers)

Construction paper

Craft Glue

Glue Sticks

Glitter Glue

Blank Cards

Pre-inked stamps



Colored Sand

Pom Poms


Santa also brought a few things that are not exactly craft supplies, but are intended to spark creativity…

Tallulah asked for a Doodle Bear. This is a stuffed animal that comes with a washable fabric marker. Doodle the bear, wash and repeat.

Santa wanted to have the elves make a light table for the kids, but alas it was cost prohibitive. Instead a small table top version was delievered that is actually a light tracing box. Sure we will trace, but we are also doing things like playing with our Magna Tiles on top.

Choo-Choo’s are big around these parts. Santa brought a giant cardboard train to paint, color and adorn on a rainy day.

Aqua Doodle is a big hit with Baxter. We received a small lap top shaped mat for our birthday last year and I found a giant floor mat at a thrift store this summer. Santa brought a variety pack of sponge brushes, sponge tipped pens and stencils especially made for Aquadoodle. Not familiar with this toy? It is a piece of fabric that changes color with water. Let the fabric dry and start all over.

Play Doh. Last year I made my own, this year Santa brought the real stuff. Two kits were also stuffed down the chimney. One makes Play Doh candy and another makes Play Doh jewelry.

Pre-assembled card making kits. Tallulah loves to decorate cards. Santa stuffed 10 popcorn bags with a random assortment of stickers, blank cards, colored pens, stamps and more. This is much easier than handing over a giant box of stickers and paper that Baxter inevitably dumps all over the floor. I keep the finished cards to send for holidays and thank yous.

So what crafting supplies did your kid’s get from Santa? More importantly how do you plan to store it all? Do you keep it tucked away and get it out when the kid’s ask or do you have it accessible for them to get to on their own?

***I was compensated & given free supplies by I Love to Create. Mama has gotta pay the bills somehow and really who in their right mind would say no to free craft supplies***

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