New Collage Paper Packs in the Etsy Store

Collage paper packs on Etsy.

I love vintage paper.  Is that weird?  Do I care?  You can make jewelry, junk journals, cards and so much more.  I’ve been spreading the paper love adding all kinds of fun paper packs to my Naughty Secretary Club Etsy store (don’t forget to check out Jennifer Perkins Art and The Huntress Gatherer too).

Orange collage paper for Junk Journals.

Some people do yoga, others like me find their zen sorting through stacks of vintage books, magazines and greeting cards looking for patterns.  I adore this orange themed set of Collage Curios.  So many fun options for junk journaling.  Not sure what a junk journal is?  I have an entire post about creating your own over on DIY Network.


Each Collage Curio pack is slightly different.  They have to be since most of the goodies are vintage.  I throw in a few modern day scrapbooking embellishments for good measure, but for the most part you will vintage old playing cards, matchbooks, used stamps, wallpaper, cook book pages, tally cards, wrapping paper and more.

Vintage collage ephemera from my Etsy store.

Need more inspiration for paper fun?  Check out the paper crafts section of the blog where i have tons of suggestions for how to use typography, fabric and even iron on flocked transfers in your smash books.  Have fun.  Love to know how you use vintage paper in your designs.


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