Needle Felted Valentine Banner

16379998621_d9777e352a_kLike most years I make a list of a bazillion different crafty goals.  Things I want to do, try, skills to master and more.  For once I seem to be on track.  I told myself I’d try something new or something I have not tried in years at least once a week.  Recently I conquered needle felting.  I had done it on the set of Stylelicious and Craft Lab, but that was another life ago and someone else was doing the work.  I wanted to give it a go myself and that is just what I did.


With the help of my crafty sidekick I got busy revamping a felted heart banner I had.  Let me just say that CLOSELY supervised the couple of stabs Baxter took.  They are serious about the word needle in needle felting.  I poked myself pretty good.  However, once I got the hang of it I started having visions of all the other things I could make.  Beads from scratch, embellished cardigans, customer plant sweaters oh the roving and my imagination was flying.


Head over to BlogHer for my full DIY.  So far so good on my resolution.  I don’t need to become an authority on needle felting I just like dabble in a little bit of everything.  I think being creative in general breeds more creativity.  Just because you are a jewelry designer or soap maker does not mean you would not walk away from a pottery lesson or cooking class without learning something.  I’ll keep you posted on the rest of my crafty year.

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