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Hello there my lovely Naughty Secretary Club newsletter subscribers hope your 2008 is going swimmingly! In the land of naughty secretaries things are busy, busy, busy.

My new years resolution was to add new jewelry to Naughty Secretary Club weekly and so far I have been sticking to the plan! From Revamped Vintage Necklaces to Revamped Vintage Earrings newness abounds! Pssst…We just added some one of a kind necklaces to our Etsy Shop too!

In press news you can find Naughty Secretary Club in the February, March and Prom Edition of Seventeen Magazine. Look for our Geometry Necklace, Carved Coral Ring, Jacques-Emile Necklace, Peggy Sue Hair Clips and Taille d’ e’pargne Necklace.

You might have noticed Craft Lab missing from your regular DIY Network line up. Be sure to write DIY and let them know you heart the show and miss it like crazy.

Look for new Naughty Secretary Club goodies at Left Right Left in Bellvue, WA * Shear Madness and Etoile Boutique in Miami, FL * Craft-o-Rama and Parts and Labour in Austin, TX and Nich Boutique in West Chester, PA.

Wanna make your own jewelry? Check out our line of Crafty Curios on Etsy and Naughty Secretary Club!

Be sure to read the Naughty Secretary Club blog for exciting updates on things like new jewelry, puppies and my new how to jewelry book Naughty Secretary Club: Jewelry for the Working Girl due out this summer!

2 Responses to “Naughty Secretary Club Newsletter”

  1. Night Beader

    I haven’t been able to watch much TV. What happened to Craft Lab? I enjoyed watching the different guests you had on as well as the fun projects.

    I’ll send HGTV a note.

    Beadily yours
    Susan Feldkamp


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