Naughty Secretary Club: Jewelry for the Working Girl

Naughty Secretary Club: Jewelry for the Working Girl is the official title for my book. What do ya think? I heart it. I was kind of hoping for a tag line of from the cubicle to cocktails, but this one works too! Today was another long day of photoshoots: felt was cut, embroidery was done, resin was poured and more. We have 7 more projects to photograph so I feel like I will be done by tomorrow afternoon which sucks since I have a flight on Saturday. Maybe I can get it switched. Does that cost money? Today’s lunch meeting was with the sales team and they were another bunch of super nice people. I’ll be able to sell my book on my website and God willing it will be available at places like Michaels. Another happy bit of news is that I don’t have to turn in my manuscript until December -hooray, I thought it was September so now I can procrastinate some more. That makes my life a lot easier.

Are you wondering what this adorable picture is? Well it is one of the secretary pictures that my sister Hope Perkins illustrated for me to use in my book. I love this sassy gal in particular because she has hair like Dolly Parton, a Texas tattoo and big platform shoes. I am using her secretary pictures in 3 different pieces of jewelry. The pictures will be in the book for people to photocopy and use themselves as well. We called this one Phoning Flo. Can’t you just see her telling someone to kiss her grits?

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  1. Crafty Chica

    my dear, i believe you have a hit book in your hands! all of it is so fun and so you. i love that you are using hope’s illos, it makes it all the more unique!!! and whew! december deadline sounds like something to cheer about. hope chris’ sunburn is healing well!!! hugs,
    kathy 🙂


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