Naughty Secretary Club Jewelry in Seventeen Magazine

I keep forgetting to post about Seventeen Magazine. Naughty Secretary Club jewelry was featured in the last two issues! Whoo-hoo! Remember my hot tips about how to get editorial coverage for the things you make by sending a look book? Have you sent yours out yet?

In the June 2008 issue with Taylor Swift on the cover the Indian Wonder Woman & Peter’s Puppy Bracelet as well as the Full Metal Necklace grace the pages!

The July 2008 issue of Seventeen with Alicia Keys on the cover features a whole bunch of Naughty Secretary Club Necklaces! Look for Minty, Stud Muffin and Perky Necklace. The price for the Perky Necklace was listed wrong in the magazine sadly so I have had a few disappointed people write me about the price. Sorry those are vintage beads! One person was even angry and accused me of taking advantage of the editorial coverage with a price hike, I swear it was a mistake on the magazine’s part. They are human too.

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  1. allthingsaustindesign

    Wow! I don’t read Seventeen anymore, but these photos look amazing! You have so many wonderful business ideas, I am both jealous and in awe–all at the same time! Congrats on all of your press coverage!


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