National Thrift Shop Day – A Celebratory Bikini Vase DIY


Did you know August 17th is National Thrift Shop Day?  I tend to celebrate daily, but apparently today is THE day. There is something addicting about the intermittent reinforcement of thrifting. Some days it is a total bust and other days you come home with a set of glasses that have a bust.


I tend to thrift with up-cycling glasses on. In other words everything I see I’m thinking; “what else could this be”. On a recent trip I scored some lovely headless ladies that I knew were beaming busty options.


First things first, these girls needed a tan. Well maybe not a tan, but at least a little color. I poured peach paint inside and spread with a brush.


Allow to dry completely. Another coat may be necessary.


I used paint markers to give the girls brand new bikinis because honestly the old ones sucked.


Now I needed something to put in my vases. Luckily on the same thrifting adventure I picked up some tacky plastic foliage. Nothing a can of coral colored Krylon can’t fix.


These lovely ladies were born to grace my dining room.  Just the right amount of kitsch and whimsey.


So on this glorious and sacred holiday that is thrift store day please go out and find something fun.  Something frivolous.  Something whimsical begging for a makeover like these bikini body vases.  Remember almost everything is better after a can of spray paint and a once over with paint markers.

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