Fun and Fruity Paper Plate Craft With the Kids for National Picnic Month

Ya’ll in Texas it is way too hot to have a picnic outside.  That being the case, I had to take matters into my own hands and bring the picnic indoors.  No picnic is complete without a themed Christmas tree and of course a craft.  Combine National Picnic Month with Christmas in July and it is a regular party at my house.

Picnic themed Christmas tree decorated with DIY paper plate fruit

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Summer Picnic Fun with Treetopia

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let me tell you about some Summer Picnic Fun with Treetopia.  They challenged me to use my Oh Christmas Tree and decorate for an indoor picnic.  Never one to shy away from a theme, I grabbed my pool noodles, paper plates and got busy.

Set up an indoor picnic for National Picnic Month

My kids LOVE to craft.  I have no idea where they get it from, but they do.  Since this was a family picnic I wanted them to be involved with the decorations.  Paper plates are good for so much more than just eating on, like turning into DIY fruit ornaments for example.  Oh even indoor picnics get ants.  DIY ants that is.

Celebrate National Picnic Month with a Picnic themed tree for Christmas in July!


Kids craft - painting paper plates to look like fruit

Paint the Plates

In phases the kids painted the paper plates to look like papaya, dragon fruit, lime slices and of course watermelon. Make sure each color is dry before adding things like seeds.

DIY Clothespin ants with kids

Make the DIY Clothespin Ants

Using a clothespin as the base we glued on 3 black pompoms.  Next in-between two of the pompoms we attached trimmed pipe cleaners for legs and antennas.  No kids craft is complete without googly eyes!

The best part is the clothespins clip onto the paper plates to look like ants invading your indoor picnic.

Hanging DIY ornaments on a picnic themed Christmas tree.

Hang Your DIY Paper Plate Fruit on the Tree

Paper plate ornaments need no hangers and will nestle into the branches of your tree perfectly.  Just because this tree is called Oh Christmas tree does not mean it does not work for National Picnic Month!  Actually any one of the Treetopia Green Trees would look great!

Christmas in July picnic themed picnic tree

I finished my Summer Picnic Fun tree off with a few white ornaments and striped pool noodles.  I’ve been dying to use these striped noodles ever since I laid eyes on them.

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Time to Celebrate National Picnic Month with Christmas in July

All that was left to do was enjoy our spread of fruit that matched our DIY paper plate ornaments!  It was a two for one special, kids had fun AND we stayed cool!

Let me know how you plan to celebrate and be sure to stop by and say hello to Craft-o-Maniac tomorrow to see how she celebrates!

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